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Ze Pickle’s epic burgers are finally here!

You know that burger you crave on a Friday night after you’ve had a few drinks? The one with real juicy Wagyu beef patties, maple smoked bacon, melting cheese and sauce that drips down your fingers, but you don’t care about the mess because it’s so damn good? Well crave no longer folks, because the Gold Coast creators of such a burger, Ze Pickle, have arrived in Fortitude Valley, and they’re dishing up the burgers of your dreams. Created by the same 3 Gold Coast lads who brought us the infamous Burleigh burger joint, the Brisbane venue has been a long time coming. And it seems Brisbane isn’t the only city who’s getting a Ze Pickle – they have Sydney in their sights too, with construction on a Surry Hills venue about to kick off. So why should you be excited about yet another burger joint hitting town? Well apart from just being a sweet place to hang out, with tunes, craft beers on tap, wines and plenty of space to chill in the industrial styled venue, these boys know how to put together a seriously epic burger. You could wrap your hands around a deliciously simple Chee-Ze burger, with a juicy hand pressed Wagyu beef patty, fried onion, pickle ketchup, jack cheese and Ze Pickle’s own sauce, or you could attempt something a little more jaw dropping, like the Pablo Escoburger with cheese, guacamole, jalapeños and corn chips. ze pickle 2Does it take something a little more creative to impress you? Is not even a cronut burger enough to get you excited any more, even if it has Nutella bacon? Well skip straight past the rest of the menu to the Triple Loco, which we’re pretty sure should be called the triple bypass. Three Wagyu beef patties are sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches (we’re not joking) along with maple smoked bacon, fried onion, pulled pork, jalapeños, cheese and slaw. You will not need sides. It may also be the most expensive burger you ever eat. If Wagyu beef doesn’t do it for you, there’s chicken, pulled pork and vegetarian options too, as well as bar snacks like crispy chicken wings, sweet potato fries and ridiculously cripy chips topped with cheesy sauce and bacon bits. Just be sure to save room for dessert – the burger lovers have teamed up with Gelato Messina to create a few desserts that will have you in a deep fried Oreogazm. On tap you’ll find local brewers like Green Beacon and Newstead Brewing Co. rotating alongside other Australian and international beers. And for those who are starting their night with a burger rather than ending it, there’s a wine list full of boutique sips and some wildly creative cocktails to be found at the bar. Mountain Dew Margarita, anyone? You’ll find Ze Pickle at 1 Prospect Street, Fortitude Valley, open Tuesday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday & Sunday from midday. Words by Ranyhyn Akui