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Feasting at the Middle Eastern Za Za Ta Kitchen and Bar

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Here’s some foodie news that’s straight up sizzlin’.

Rumour has it that the Valley is set to spice things up with the introduction of new Middle Eastern kitchen and bar, Za Za Ta! 

Set to be as iconic as Sakatas (and yummier too), Za Za Ta is the new the three-syllable snacc that visitors will soon find inside Ovolo The Valley (opening August this year, put it in your diaries folks!) 

As a play on words for the Arabian spice blend za’atar, it’s no wonder that Za Za Ta’s a la carte menu reads like a zinger for the tastebuds, featuring gorgeous share-style meals to be enjoyed by the 200-seated diners soon to occupy this spacious, conservatory-style restaurant! 

Carefully curated by the Israeli-born executive chef Roy Ner and head chef Dario Manca, Za Za Ta’s menu is further burgeoning with traditional Israeli breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, all which come with a playful twist.  

Alongside the various little nibbles, small plates, raw plates, charcuterie boards, bread dips, and share-sized meals comes Tel Aviv After Dark – when the clock strikes 11pm, the kitchen switches to a late-night menu serving twilight street snacks that’ll transport guests straight into the heart of the souk. 

The cuisine may be Middle Eastern, but Za Za Ta’s chefs don’t plan to take a middle approach when it comes to flavour, with each dish set to stun with an array of gorgeous spices and wholesome local ingredients.  

Chef Ner says, “We want to showcase approachable Middle Eastern cuisine that excites the palate, creates a sense of discovery and just tastes delicious. I want to highlight flavours by playing with old and new cooking and blending cultures through local produce incorporated into traditional Middle Eastern dishes.” 

Also worthy of keeping tabs on is Za Za Ta’s collection of colonial-inspired rums and cocktail specialties created by Ovolo The Valley’s food and beverage director, Jared Thibault.  

Piquing our interest especially is cold-pressed juice cocktails, set to be muddled with the best Middle Eastern spices taken from the famed markets of Jaffa, and garnished with locally-sourced citrus fruits and exotic botanicals.  

The drink list doesn’t end there though – as an Israeli restaurant, you know that he brews. Guests at Za Za Ta can also look forward to a stellar list of middle eastern craft beers alongside an eclectic mix of biodynamic, organic, and skin contact wines.  

Be sure to hit up this divine dining mecca when they open on 1000 Ann Street later this winter! 

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand who won’t stop singing Za-Za-Ta until it opens this August 2019.