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Za Za Ta goes vego!

So much plant-based happiness in so few syllables.

If you’re among Brisbane’s growing number of peeps who love animals (just not for dinner), have we got news for you!

In going back to their roots as a Tel Aviv export—otherwise known as the vegan capital of the world—Middle Eastern restaurant Za Za Ta is celebrating the very best that the plant-based world has to offer by making the switch to become a fully vegetarian venue.

As if the news couldn’t be any more wholesome, Za Za Ta’s chef Roy Ner says this latest venture into vegetarianism is inspired by the restaurant’s love of locally-sourced produce, and a need to transform how diners misconstrue plant-based diets as difficult to maintain.  

“Our menu is designed to be easy without much thought for the diner,” Roy said.

“We are staying true to the heritage of our food with ancient recipes and techniques, but we’re evolving what we do.”So what exactly does Za Za Ta have in store for Brisbane’s herbivores? A peek into their wondrous menu reveals absolute gems such as Lebanese shish barak sweet and sour pumpkin dumplings, unique house-made breads, and a number of wood-and-charcoal-fired delights.

We’re talking more-ish oyster mushroom shish cooked on a robata grill, and the hard to pronounce (but easy to eat!) eggplant h’raime; a rustic Moroccan slow-cooked creation that balances rich spices with a vibrant tomato and herbs salad.

And before you dip, be sure to try the dips! Roy recommends the menu’s classic hummus with braised chickpeas and 63-degree egg, as well as Za Za Ta’s latest creation; a creamy baba ganoush, which takes the humble eggplant-based staple and elevates it with a healthy dose of smoked zucchini. 

Unsure about what to set your molars on first? Luckily, Za Za Ta has you covered with their $59pp chef’s choice option. Chef Ner will make the hard decisions for you, resulting in a memorable meze experience that’s perfect for larger groups. 

Ready to say ‘open sesame’ to Za Za Ta’s sesame falafels and other vegetarian delights? You can catch them open for dinner on Thursdays to Saturdays from 5:30 pm!

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand excited to have a reason to stop vegging on the couch.