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Your summer Reading List: Cookbooks to drool over

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Summer in Brisbane can sometimes mean less beach side relaxing, more racking your brains for rainy day activities. And the best rainy day past time is settling down with a good book – a cookbook of course. Possibly even baking something – or at least planning the shopping list in your head. So cook from them, drool over them or just put them on your must-read list, we’ve found a bunch of new cookbooks to tuck into on a rainy day. Plenty More | Yotam Ottolenghi Picking up the (carrot) baton from Yotam’s previous book, Plenty, Plenty More is overflowing with vegetable, grain and legume recipes so delicious looking they might convert you to vegetarianism. Or just give you some ideas for mouthwatering sides to accompany your steak and ribs. Donuts | Tracy Meharg Cinnamon donuts, croissant donuts, lemon meringue donuts, raw donuts – this book has them all. You don’t even need a deep-fryer (though we know you have one). 50 sticky donut recipes means one for just about every week of the year. Get it while it’s hot! Gelato Messina | Nick Paluma gelatomessinaYou’ve travelled afar for the rich, creamy ice cream that has made Gelato Messina the rock star of ice creamerys, now you can make them at home. There’s everything from their classic recipe for pistachio gelato to the more playful Baklava, Prosciutto e Melone (not kidding) and Apple Pie. The Whole Pantry | Belle Gibson Belle’s whole food philosophy took the digital world by storm with her recipe app and now she’s going hard cover. Her cookbook is packed full of nutritious, body and soul restoring recipes that will get you back on track after the silly season (at least until February). Death by Burrito: Mexican Street Food to Die For | Shay Ola Being beaten by a burrito sounds like a good way to go to us, especially when it’s a recipe from London’s famous Death by Burrito Mexican eatery. It’s not all about tortilla wrapped goodness though, there’s also smoked beef rib tacos, deconstructed guacamole and a few epic tequila cocktails. Mug Cakes | Mima Sinclair mugcakesA whole book of adorable cakes for one ready in five minutes flat with ingredients already in your pantry? Why is this book not already on your shelf (and a mug cake in your hand)? This book of mini-cakes was made for students, lonesome singles and lazy bakers alike. Food Truck Feasts | Erika Budiman We’ll be honest, it’s unlikely we’d get out the pots and pans to cook up a food truck fest when we could just head out and find a food truck to cook it for us but we’ll still drool over this book. Especially when it features Brisbane’s very own Bun Mobile along with a whole bunch of other Australian food trucks! Find them at bookshop near you! Words by Ranyhyn Akui