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Your new favourite dive bar just opened | Deathproof Bar

The rumble of your Challenger cuts out as you roll up to the curb, eyeing the punchy neon lights overhead. Inside, patrons fall silent as you saunter up to the bar, throwing down a twenty – and a call for whiskey. Alright, so we’re probably not badass enough to pull off a Tarantino role, but the new Deathproof Bar seriously makes up for anything we’re lacking. With walls decked out in skulls and cult-worthy murals, the Brunswick Street den fronts a ‘never say die’ attitude. Frankly, we’re generally in the ‘never say diet’ crowd, but for a bar with a Death Before Decaf espresso martini, we’ll adjust. Inside, you’ll find tigers and cobras battling it out on the walls, skull glasses topped off in rum or whiskey, and an air of gun-toting, law-breaking attitude, carefully crafted by artist Steen Jones and Anthony Calligeros. Curious about the food offerings? Say ‘what’s on the menu’ again – we dare you, we double dare you. Barflies can snap up snacks like gravy-laden poutine, fried pickles, and saucy hot wings with those hard-hitting spirits. Think frose and gastropubs have been done to death? Order the next round at Deathproof, located at 697 Brunswick St, New Farm.