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Your new central perk: Cawfee Café & Bar

Cawwfeeee! An essential part of our workday and a fun word to repeat over and over again when we’ve had one too many cups of the stuff. Just two reasons of many that Cawfee Café and Bar in the CBD is our new fave spot for a brew. It’s not just about the coffee, though their organic blend from The Byron Bay Coffee Company is rich and smooth enough that we’d happily risk a sleepless night to drink a few lattes, especially with their daily happy coffee hour from 2-3pm! brisbane-cafes-cawfee-coffeeIt’s also Cawfee’s fresh, scrumptious bagels that have won us over, perfect paired with a pre-office cuppa when you’ve run out the door in a desperate rush to beat the traffic. Sweet or savoury, topped with jam, cream cheese or the all-out avocado, bacon and Swiss cheese, they’re enough to brighten any weekday. Then there’s the lunchtime bagels, like salami, Swiss cheese and rocket, chicken and pesto or a mix of whatever fillings you have a hankering for. Add a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale and you’ll be able to face those afternoon meetings with a spring in your step. If that wasn’t enough to have you making a daily pit stop, there’s also a well stocked bar to hit for long lunches and after work drinks on a Thursday and Friday night. There’s ice cold beer for the boys, plenty of sparkling or sangria for the ladies and a cocktail list for anyone ready to hit the town and really get the weekend started. Though the Cawfee Espresso Martini (with smoked vanilla bean vodka infused in-house!) might be just as appropriate on a Monday morning. A Queens Park Swizzle, though, is a Friday night in the making! brisbane-cafes-cawfee-cheeseWhatever your tipple of choice, just make sure you bring a few co-workers so you can share an antipasto board loaded with olives, ham, salami, pickles and Turkish bread. Or split a bottle of wine and get a cheese board to cure those late afternoon munchies for free! All without leaving the CBD. Winning! Cawfee is open Monday to Wednesday from 7am-4pm and 7am until late on Thursdays and Fridays. Words by Ranyhyn Akui