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Your guide to the ultimate South Bank picnic

Baby, it’s beautiful outside. Summer’s in full swing and what better way to spend long afternoons than with family and friends, basking on the riverbank in the sunshine with a picnic spread to rival any ‘grammer’s? We’ve got the recipe for the perfect picnic  – and Southpoint South Bank has all the ingredients. Get your rosé ready.
Location is EVERYTHING, because let’s be real, it’s difficult to down a Danish or snack on strawberries when you’re perched next to a train station, or slumming it in a carpark. Fear not feasting friends, South Bank has all but rolled out the picnic rug with you. We suggest grabbing a BBQ spot at Picnic Island, or heading down to the Riverside Green for views of the river, with a side of music on a Sunday.
For a picnic to impress, you’ve gotta go gourmet – we have no time for pre-sliced cheese and packaged meats here. Fill your hamper with local cheese (triple cream brie, high roller), charcuterie, cured meats and terrines – as well as fresh produce and salads from The Pantry on Grey in Southpoint. A providore of all things delicious, this is the place to shop if you want to elevate your basic hummus to truffle & porcini mushroom dip – and it’s just steps away from South Bank’s picnic spots. Grab a cappucino or cold pressed juice to go, and if you’re hitting up Picnic Island’s BBQs, hit up The Pantry’s butcher for tasty supplies. Got a hot date or need to butter up mum? There’s even a florist to find a bouquet for bonus points… or that killer insta flat lay. After you’ve loaded up your basket at The Pantry, it’s time to carb up. Put down the stale water crackers or Wonder White and make a beeline next door to Stone Artisan Bakers, one of Brisbane’s best sources for freshly baked baguettes. Grab yourself a sweet treat with a selection of tarts, croissants and Danish whilst you’re there – you deserve it.
A meal without wine is essentially breakfast, and what better way to while away your afternoon  picnic than with a crisp bottle of rosé or chilled six-pack of pale ale? For South Bank’s go-to destination for boutique wine, top-shelf spirits and craft beer – Vulture & Grey is calling your name. Grab a bottle or two and head to the river – it’s time to eat! You can find Southpoint South Bank at 275 Grey Street,  just a hop skip and jump from your picnic spot. Words by Emma Callaghan – the gourmand who still drinks her rosé from plastic cups. Keeping the G&G up to date with all the latest tasty tidbits requires a lot of double lattes and espresso martinis, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are really nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!