You can now get your hands on soft serve doughnut cones | The Gourmand & Gourmet

You can now get your hands on soft serve doughnut cones

Doughnut cones. Hand rolled brioche doughnut cones. Drop that glazed expression, because we’ve found your new favourite dessert hybrid. Forget what you know about The Doughnut Bar’s waffle-like doughcones and flaky conuts, because their latest concoction is a fluffy, sugary hit of hand rolled brioche doughnut pastry lovingly fried to golden perfection and filled with creamy soft serve. Be still our beating hearts. That’s right – no need to go to Prague, or even go as far as Sydney, because you can now get doughnut ice cream cones right here, exclusively at The Doughnut Bar in the Wintergarden. It’s a ‘hole’ new way to beat the summer heat, and cure any bouts of post-shopping hanger. With a new flavour hitting the café every week, you might need to find an excuse to head to the city more than once (‘oh no, I forgot to buy a belt/shoes/earings/phone case/cravat to go with my new dress….’). So far only caramel stroopwafel has landed, but we are waiting with open mouths for all the droolworthy flavours we know are coming. Not just content with shaking up the way we eat dessert and turning everyone in Brisbane into a diabetic, The Doughnut Bar are also masters of the classic doughnut, glazed doughnut, cronut, thickshake, rolled ice cream, cruffin, milky bun, *takes a breath*, soft serve, ice cream sandwich, doughnut slider and pretty much every sweet craze you can think of. We’re pretty sure the Dentist Association of Australia is coming for them, but until then, we’ll happily give ourselves cavities making a cheat day out of every single one of their treats. So what are you doughing still standing there? Roll down to The Doughnut Bar at Wintergarden to get your sugar fix, pronto. Words by Georgia Tyler