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You can now get wine for your pet

Feeling too dog-tired to head out with the friends this Friday night? If you’ve officially accepted the mantel of ‘crazy cat lady’ and favour catching up on Netflix with Fluffy over a night on the town, we’ve got cat-tastic news. Baring your soul to a bemused cat over a few too many glasses of Sauv Blanc has officially grown less weird, with Apollo Peak in Colorado launching a range of pet-friendly wines for your furry pal’s enjoyment. Pour a round of char-dog-nay or mos-cat-o – things are about to get wild! Let’s face it, Rusty had a ruff day, too. A bird sat on the fence for 3 hours and the mailman was late for his shift. And before you ask, no, Fluffy won’t be laying hungover on the cat scratcher tomorrow morning after a night on the Pinot Meow – these adorable concoctions are 100% alcohol-free. Catch up on your dog park gossip with some glasses of Fido’s finest and a mandatory belly scratch. Err, we do recommend grabbing your own wine from a proper bottle, though. Unless you’re keen on beetroot and catnip – in which case, get off the keyboard and stop reading my emails, Fluffy. Besides, it’s not like it’s the first time we’ve poured wine into a hefty bowl-sized portions, right? … err, was that just us? Find them online here. Words by Samantha Chariton