You can now get boozy popsicles, just in time for summer | The Gourmand & Gourmet

You can now get boozy popsicles, just in time for summer

Let’s face it: every Australian childhood consisted of at least three months a year when digging Calippos out of the freezer was a full-time job. Whether you’d spent hours searing your hands on the playground monkey bars or dodging mum’s list of holiday chores, there was no better summer remedy than pounding back a box of icy poles (and maybe doing a lap ‘round the backyard sprinkler). These days, your summertime plans may have shifted more towards boozy festivals and outdoor events, but there’s still a chance to pull on those nostalgia goggles without leaving your new summer quenchers (hint: booze) behind. POPS are originally from the UK, but are about to arrive in Melbourne just in time for a long hot summer, bringing their Moscow Mule, Champagne and Bellini POPS with them. And no, we won’t shut up ‘til they haul the wares up to Brisbane, too. Perfect for cooling down on a hot festival day without sloshing bubbles all over yourself, POPS are essentially the adult version of our long-loved Calippos – and with their Classic Champagne version equalling out to half a glass of champers, they definitely mean business. Designated drivers won’t need to sweat the heat either, thanks to the non-alcoholic apple & elderflower and strawberry & mint POPS ready to beat out that sad-looking lemonade usually keeping you company. You’ll find POPS around Melbourne festivals, private events and pop-up locations from December onwards – and hopefully Brisbane soon! Words by Samantha Chariton