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You can design your own food at these eateries

Everybody loves a little bit of DIY. That’s why Bunnings carpark on a Saturday morning is as popular as anti-Trump rallies, and why a quick trip to IKEA can suddenly turn into a six hour event that requires planning, precision and snacks. Well, now you have the chance to DIY your own food with our top places to build your own meal, and we promise that it won’t be as hard as assembling IKEA furniture. They’ll be no crying and no screaming about missing pieces – just delicious, custom food.
Fratelli Famous  | CBD
Sometimes the classics like margherita, meatlovers, and Hawaiian just don’t cut it, which is why Fratelli Famous lets you custom make your own pizza. Choose a base and a sauce before picking from seven different cheeses (including vegan!). It’s then time to load your pizza up with toppings. And guess what? They’re unlimited! You’ll be so famous will your friends once you introduce them to this spot, you might need to practice your signature and hire a bodyguard. Just don’t let the fame go to your head.
2Forks | Milton
It may be called 2Forks, but we’re tempted to spoon their build-your-own meals. The pulled meat bar lets you choose between succulent pork, juicy beef, and delicious lamb before piling it onto your chosen meal. You can sink your fork into burgers, burritos, nachos, salads and rice dishes, and you don’t need to fork out for a good feed here – everything is under $20. Holy fork!
Hansel & Gretel | Gaythorne
We recommend you leave a trail of breadcrumbs for your family because someone will have to come rescue you from this delicious build-your-own breakfast pit. From a simple serving of two eggs to add ons like popcorn chicken, smoked salmon, chili, crispy bacon, and cheese Kransky’s, this café will have you building a breakfast like the witch built the candy house. Be careful, you might fall under the popcorn chicken and smoked salmon spell.
Riff Bar and Bistro | Fortitude Valley
Hate the taste of rocket? It’ll be nowhere in sight. Does the idea of baked beans send shivers down your spine? They’re banished. Is tomato relish your arch nemesis? Consider it defeated. Pick and choose from eggs, bacon, haloumi, avocado salsa, mushrooms, hash browns and feta to name a few for a brekky you won’t regret.
Miel Container | CBD
All of us know that the worst feeling is disappointment – burger disappointment to be exact. Don’t worry, the only disappointment you’ll feel at Miel Container is disappointment that you inhaled it a little too fast and now it’s all gone. At this CBD eatery, you can pick the perfect bun and your favourite meat, top it with the traditional burger vegetables or step out of the burger box a little with grilled pumpkin, capsicum, zucchini or eggplant, before finishing it with tasty cheese and your favourite sauce.
Cowch | South Bank
It’s time to get naked at Cowch. No, not naked in that way – although an ice cream dipped in caramels, chocolates and toppings does sound pretty sexy. This dessert bar offers a choice of chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, peppermint, pomegranate or bubblegum pops which can be dipped in salted caramel or milk chocolate. Top it off with a selection of toppings like crushed nuts, M’n’M’s, mixed berries and marshmallows. These pops be poppin’! Bob the Builder would be proud! Words by Kate Stevens