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Wrap your lips around 22 cakes

Cake, cake, glorious cake! 22 to be exact. That’s right, for one night only, Alphabet Café are giving all cake aficionados (that’s all of us right?) a chance to delight in every single sweet layered slice of goodness in their repertoire. If you’re not already a member of their cake cult, Alphabet Café is run by two local sisters who sure know how to whip up winners, popping up at countless Wandering Cooks events, appearing at markets and winning fans (and making them just a little bit plumper) with every bite. Head to Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane on April 27, and if you dare, you’ll be able to eat your way through every single one of their luscious creations – though we’re not sure that’s a feat even we could achieve. If your appetite isn’t up to the challenge, you’ll have to play favourites, so let us make a few recommendations. Go bananas for ‘There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand,’ banana cake layered with peanut butter pudding, milk chocolate buttercream and salted peanuts, or ‘Look to the Cookie’ and get your hands on chocolate cake layered with cookies and cream pudding, vanilla and white chocolate buttercream and a mini chocolate vanilla sandwich cookie. Not afraid of a little dairy? There’s always the baked cheesecakes, including orange scented and spiced pumpkin deliciousness. Even the gluten-intolerant folk won’t miss out on the fun, with delicious cakes in flavours of lemon polenta and pistachio that don’t taste anything like cardboard. Whatever you choose, you’ll be left wanting s’more! Which just happens to also be a cake flavour. Sold yet? For the Pickles will be covering dinner (not that you’ll need it – cake for dinner all the way!) and the Crafters Bar will be fully stocked with locally handcrafted beers, wines and cocktails, perfect to wash down the first lot of cakes, and prepare you for the next. Once you’ve wiped all that drool off your keyboard, get yourself (and your sweet tooth) down to Wandering Cooks on Wednesday 27 April, where the cake-a-thon will kick off at 5pm. Tickets are $16 and include your first (but definitely not last) drink and slice of cake, and can be purchased here. All extra slices will be $4 each, and trust us (not your personal trainer), all those extra calories will be worth it. Words by Georgia Tyler