Brisbane's best pasta and wine combos for World Pasta Day!

Cheers to World Pasta Day!

No excuses, carb-free fitness junkies; today is World Pasta Day!

What better way to celebrate the occasion than enjoying a plate of this eternally-adored classic with a perfectly paired glass of wine? Wine retailer Cellarmasters asked Stefano di Pieri, the 2018 Good Food Awards Legend, what his favourite pasta and wine pairings are, and we added our five fave Brisbane versions!

Pesto + sauvignon blanc

It’s hard to beat a fresh, zesty bowl of pesto pasta, and Corbett & Claude’s pesto linguine (or GF gnocchi) always hits the spot! Stefano recommends balancing the fresh, herby characteristics of the pesto with a crisp sauvignon blanc – sounds like summer to us!

Bolognese + Nero d’Avola

We love a rich, meaty Bolognese, and Popolo’s wagyu-based version served on curly strozzapretti pasta does not disappoint! A lot of home cooks add in a hearty splash of red to give their Bolognese some body, but Stefano recommends the gentle acidity of a wine like his Merbein Vineyard Nero D’avola to cut through the richness of the mince, and balance the saltiness with some bright fruity flavours.

Carbonara + chardonnay

There’s a lot of debate over what a true carbonara is (and should be), but we reckon quirky West End joint Luigi’s Italian has nailed it! Featuring the essential ingredients of egg yolks, pancetta, Pecorino, and cracked pepper, a cool-climate chardonnay is the perfect match for this creamy, salty dream of a dish!

Marinara + pinot grigio

Sweet tomatoes, fresh seafood, and fragrant garlic – what more could you want!? The Calamarata ai Gamberi e Calamari at Julius Pizzeria features local tiger prawns and baby calamari nestled in big tubes of pasta, and we can’t imagine a more perfect match than an acidic drop like the Stefano De Pieri Di Qualita pinot grigio to pair with this pasta perfection.

Lasagne + primitivo

Every family has its version, but The Lasagne Della Mamma at Ristorante La Famiglia in Woolloongabba is a true slice of Italian hospitality. Featuring flavoursome meat sauce, luscious béchamel, and perfect layers of pasta, Stefano recommends pairing this Italian soul food fave with a primitivo, to echo the flavours while providing some acidic freshness!

Why not try a new combination this World Pasta Day?

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Words by Georgia Condon
- the gourmand who raviolives for carbs.