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Word on The Street: Foodie News

What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

We’ll spare you from hearing any more cheesy pick up lines and hit you with the promise of po’boys and $1 oysters instead *spits out $9 glass of wine* – sorry, but this list is deliciously shocking.



Proud Mary is about to roll in on the river! Replacing WATT Bar & Restaurant’s space at Brisbane Powerhouse, Proud Mary will open its riverside doors on November 2, welcoming lovers of nothing less than special into a brand new Southern-inspired all-day dining hotspot. As a taste of what to expect, the menu features the likes of oyster po’boys, build-your-own brisket tortillas and French dip pork belly sandwiches. As for the cocktails, it probably won’t come as a surprise that Bloody Marys are right at the top, although a surprising fresh twist on this classic favourite awaits.

$1 oysters? $9 glasses of wine? This is 100% what Lizzie McGuire was envisioning when she sung ‘this is what dreams are made of’. You’ll be able have your very own holiday romance with a bunch of cheap eats at The Terrace, e’cco‘s new affordable sister venue that’ll live right next door at Gasworks! The new covered courtyard eatery will boast tasty South-East Asian eats, wine, beer and cocktails that’ll slap your tastebuds the right way, without bringing a world of hurt to your bank account.

News of Howard Smith Wharves opening has sent the social media realm into a digital feeding frenzy, and Mr Percival is one handsome new addition to the riverside foodie mecca that you NEED to know about. Opening on November 29, Mr Percival will deliver a menu swimming with fresh Aussie seafood. Brace yourself for lobster rolls and a new venue crush. 

Where for art thou, Method to the Madness? Opening late November, Kenmore’s newest William Shakespeare inspired café will exude odes to the timeless writer, from the decor to the menu. To eat or not to eat will not be the question, as it’ll be an obvious yes to the likes of black-sesame pork benedict and banana leaf-baked catch of the day. Breakfast and lunch will be your daytime deliverance, with Method to the Madness transforming into a bustling neighbourhood bar by night!



West End’s art space, Bromley Room #2, is about to open for dinner! Former GOMA chef, Josue Lopez, will be running an exclusive dinner series from November 16 to 17, where dinner will not only have a show, but be the show itself. Tickets go on sale today through Eventbrite, if you’re keen for a bite.


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