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Word on The Street: Foodie News

Short and flippin’ sweet.

This week proves that good things come in threes, with word of a new 24/7 bar, gin distillery, and restaurant in the works.

That’s a party, not a crowd.



24/7th heaven is a place on earth with new bar, Beirne Lane. Opening in the Valley’s historic TC Beirne building on November 8, Beirne Lane will indeed be open 24 hours, seven days a week to fulfil all your wildest foodie hopes and dreams. You can expect grab and go breakfast options, dine-in lunch and dinner menus, and plenty of cocktails to shake up the nightlife scene. Brb, we’ve gotta find some money to burn.

The Art of Booze team are painting a pretty sweet picture of their upcoming move. The boutique gin distillery will be shifting to Teneriffe in the coming months, and is set to feature a tall copper still imported from Germany. A glistening bar will be built around the still, perfect for those days when you would rather hit the gin than the gym (most days, let’s be real).

Paper Crane is ready to unfold in Cairns on November 6! This is huge news for our North Queensland pals, as this modern Asian restaurant is set to soar throughout their foodie scene.


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