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Word on The Street: Foodie News

Not even a week’s worth of rain can dampen the excitement of new foodie announcements!

Sure, the clothes you washed two days ago still haven’t dried, and your eyes are begging for a break for all the Netflix binging, so why not feast ‘em on this week’s word on the street for a refreshing pep up.



Listen up y’all, Petrie Terrace is now home to the hottest Nashville chicken and bourbon bar in Brisbane. Fat Belly Jack’s is whipping up the likes of wings, burgers and tenders, giving the option to coat your chook with spice on a scale from low southern style heat to really freaking hot. You’ll find us belly up at the bar.

Happy Boy‘s dad is moving in next door! Snack Man will offer a menu with small Chinese inspired plates for an authentic street food experience; think dumplings, buns, and grilled sticks. It’s raining (snack) men, hallelujah.

Earlier this month, we spilled the broth on new vegan joint, I Like Ramen. We’re pretty stoked to say that this puppy now has an opening date, being Thursday, October 25. Plant a reminder in your calendar, stat!

New x2. Lady Marmalade Café has released a new menu, and will commence a Summer Dinner Series from November 9, every Friday and Saturday night! Some stunning new menu items include confit duck waffles, crab egg Benedict and cherry pie french toast. Brunch is back, baby!

Bacchus is bringing degustations back to the forefront of Brisbane’s dining scene. Head Chef Massimo Speroni has created a degustation that’s designed to be THE bite worth indulging in before catching the ballet at QPAC. Dubbed The La Scala Degustation, this four-course culinary exploration of Milanese cuisine will be available from November 7 to Sunday November 18. Good things come in small packages.

James Squire is en route for The Gold Coast! The Lucky Squire will be a banging Broadbeach-based brewhouse and restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. You bet your sweet bottle that the bar and microbrewery will also be a massive hit!

The Old Seven is setting up camp on Old Cleveland Road! Set to open mid-November, the locally owned venue will have the neighbourhood in the palm of its hand with everything from cheesy jaffles to vegan options and wine. It sure has our attention.



The grass is about to be greener at River Quay! Sunday Social on The Green is returning on October 28, meaning afternoons of live music, comfy seating and summer vibes, for free! 

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