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Word on the Street: Foodie News

Deck the halls, get your sleighbells jingling, and break out the ugly Christmas singlets, because it’s December, baby!

We’re already knee-deep in the festive spirit; our office proudly sporting a Christmas tree, a wreath, and an ominous discount elf on the shelf that we’ve lovingly dubbed “Samuel Elf Jackson”. If you want to get as many eats in as you can before the inevitable Christmas Day food coma, read on!


We’ve been excitedly awaiting the launch of Howard Smith Wharves for some time (catch us camping under the Story Bridge), and the precinct’s newest addition is finally set to open this weekend. Greek restaurant Greca will open Saturday, featuring an open kitchen with an awe-inspiring fire pit as the star attraction.

As well as all your fave Greek eats, Howard Smith Wharves will welcome a sophisticated wine bar in the upcoming weeks, complete with an extensive wine list and paired eats. Currently unnamed, the 160-seat venue will open at the Queen St end of the precinct.

Redcliffe’s coastal bodega has had a major makeover, including refurbishments and the merger of two restaurants; and now, Mon Komo is showcasing its brand-new dining and entertainment space, Cabana Bar + Kitchen + Garden, with an Endless Summer series! Enjoy cocktail popsicles, espresso yoga, and long lunches as well as fine dining degustations and exclusive cocktail experiences throughout the season.

Brisbane CBD’s brand-new Japanese eatery is the food equivalent of the Choose Your Own Adventure books; just with less danger and more noodles. With a make-your-own ramen style dining experience, IKU Noodles is the latest restaurant from the family behind Reef at Gasworks, offering a selection of noodles, soups, and fillings including chicken, wagyu beef, or salmon. Mark your calendars for the second week of January, and we’ll catch you there.


If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent the entirety of your savings on gifts for others (or wisely purchased a few Season’s Eatings vouchers), and are now living off Brumby’s bread samples. Put the free carbs away, friend; Seoul Bistro is amping up the Christmas cheer with an all-you-can-eat buffet for just $10.95! Taking place this Saturday, celebrate Seoul Bistro’s 5th birthday from 5pm – 10pm with unlimited chicken wings, thin cut fries, garlic bread, and lemon iced tea.

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