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Word on the Street: Brisbane’s Latest Foodie News

New year, same hankering for spending bank on food. Whether you’re an avid food lover or want to fly kick your diet right out the window, the word on the street is that you won’t be able to resist this list of upcoming goods.
Eating Out
Prepare to be bowled over by The Bombay Cricketers Club. If you’re up for a cheeky trip to Kingscliff, you’ll be treated to share plates with Indian fusion flavours, such as banana leaf wrapped snapper with mint sambal and eggplant pickle, and pork belly with sorrel, daal, candy radish and crackle. But share plates can be tackled solo as well, right? Got a spare Ten Minutes (by Tractor)? Apparently not, since Executive Chef Stuart Bell is packing up and moving to Harry’s On Buderim in March. Sticking true to the aura of the Sunny Coast, Harry’s will keep things casual with a focus on local produce-driven food, decked out with a new team and menu (new restaurant, who dis?). Gotham Grill & Rooftop Bar is the hero you didn’t know you needed. Still in the works, you’ll have to contain your excitement until April. The casual incarnation of Little Truffle will sport sweeping waterfront views with what’s said to be an enticing menu and cocktail list, perfect for summer sips and Batman spotting. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but only the best will make their way to Ol’ School. This banging new joint from the Hello Please team will be swimming with fresh takes on seafood favourites, although you’re more than welcome to kick it ol’ school with classic fish ‘n’ chips (sea what we did there?). Oh yeah, it opens tomorrow, so get pumped and get down there!
Events & Happenings
If Sebastian the crab taught us anything, it’s that things are better down where it’s wetter. It might not be under the sea, but the Music by the Sea Festival is bloody close enough. Soak in some classical, folk, world music and jazz tunes on January 6 at Sandgate Town Hall for a festival that’s easy on the soul. Got something delicious to share? Drop us a line at editor@gourmandandgourmet.com.au and let us in on the secret! G&G x