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Wintergarden Wonderland: What’s new in the CBD’s best food court

With authentic Asian noodles, slow cooked pulled pork and healthy protein shakes,the Wintergarden is an oasis away from the chaos of the city. The bustling food precinct is so much more than your average food market, and has recently welcomed some exciting new additions.

From gourmet salads to juicy Reuben sandwiches, we can’t stop venturing to Wintergarden anytime a loaded baked potato or deluxe raspberry brownie calls our name.


Have a hunger that needs chipping away at? Forget subpar and get stuck into Spudbar. Whether you’re a suit, student or shopping up a storm – carb up with crispy, baked-to-perfection spuds(and they’re gluten free!). Pick from toppings including juicy pulled beef with peppercorn, roast lamb and sour cream or classics like America-styled pulled pork. Carb conscious? Load up on salads packed full of beetroot, roast pumpkin and avo – Mum will be so proud of you eating your vegetables!


Forget #relationshipgoals, we’re all about #sandwichgoals. The Sydney favourite has made its way north, and whilst we wanted to hold it against them – we can’t argue with flavour like this. With classic deli faves including reuben, pulled pork and veg options – you’re going to want a cut of this. Also available are platters of tender meats or golden falafel. Team with sweet potato fries or seasonal salads and feel special – you can’t get it anywhere else in QLD.


Soul Origin are tired of being told that you can’t make friends with salad, because they’ve cracked the code on leafy greens that’ll make you fall in love. Binge on baguettes, salivate over sandwiches, and stuff yourself with salads. Available for breakfast and lunch – as well as killer coffee, these healthy options will have you coming back for more.


Experiencing brain drain? Need some foodle for your noodle? Walka walka over to Hokka Hokka, to feed your noodle-hungry belly. Specialising in authentic Asian cuisine that is as fresh and healthy as it is delicious, this food court favourite has been feeding the masses since 1987. Choose from stir fries, laksa, noodle soup and grilled dishes.

Think you’re full? You’ve forgotten about that sneaky second tummy we all have especially for desserts, and we can’t resist grabbing a sweet treat when we visit Wintergarden!


With 12 brownie flavours to choose from (hello peanut butter chip??) as well as takeaway mocktails and milkshakes, the I Heart Brownies kiosk has certainly stolen ours. We recommend grabbing at least six and a caramel milkshake. Just as a snack of course.


Looking for a sweet treat that won’t give you the guilts? How about a lemon meringue pie or coffee banoffee that won’t have you living off lettuce for the rest of the day? CocoBliss will let you have your (raw) cake, and eat it too. The superfood bowls from our one-stop health shop taste just like the real deal, but are free from refined sugars, artificial colours and vegan. Choose from their large selection of smoothies, protein shakes, juices and toast toppers – as well as super lattes – cacao ‘bout that?

So next time you’re slummin’ it in the city and considering your options, look to the Wintergarden – it’s the wonderland you never expected.

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Words by Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who never says no to a brownie