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Winter is coming to the CBD!

Don’t get us wrong, we love being Queenslanders. The perfect beach days all year round, abundance of tropical fruit and our Origin track record make us proud to be living in the sunshine state, but there’s something that’s missing – a whole season in fact. But luckily for us, there’s one festival coming to town that will bring a little taste of our missing season to the heart of the city – Winter Festival. From June 17 to July 10, King George Square will be turning into a winter wonderland, with Australia’s largest winter event returning for another year, creating an enchanting experience that’s as foreign to us as passing on dessert. The Winter Festival is bringing us the best of a European winter market, minus the life savings spent on long-haul flights. Along with an ice skating rink popping up smack bang in the middle of the city, there’ll be live music and DJ’s and a whole bunch of activities that will make you forget about those winter sniffles. But if you plus ice skates is guaranteed to end in a couple of broken bones, maybe sit on the sidelines and indulge in all the comfort food the Winter Festival has to offer. Think mulled wine, hot chocolate and delicious winter essential such as pretzels and strudel. All those extra layers you’ll be wearing means seconds (or thirds) are not just optional, they’re encouraged. Hey, you’ve got to warm up somehow! The Winter Festival is free to enter, but you’ll need to purchase tickets if you’re feeling adventurous and fancy stepping foot on the ice skating rink, Toboggan Terror, Powder Pit and Inflatable Slide. Sure, we may whinge and whine when the colder months come-a-calling, but the Winter Festival will have you wishing that the season stuck around for a bit longer. Get your skates on and find out more here! Words by Georgia Tyler