Winter eats at Laruche Bar | Gourmand and Gourmet

Winter eats at Laruche Bar

Bet you didn’t know Laruche Bar did amazing food as well as fabulous cocktails. In fact we bet you didn’t know they did food at all, it’s probably not what’s on your mind when you find yourself at the bar late on a Friday night. But their new winter menu (and cocktail happy hour) makes the Alice in Wonderland reminiscent venue the perfect place to start a Friday night rather than end it, with luscious bar bites on offer and $10 cocktails between 5-8pm. Escape all thoughts of work, sink down into one of Laruche’s velvet covered chairs, and tell the super friendly bar tenders all your woes while you nibble on tasty eats and down a few classy looking drinks. Deep-fried deliciousness available on the new menu includes taleggio croquettes, soft, fluffy and steaming on the inside with a crisp outer shell, scrumptious ricotta stuffed crumbed mushrooms and caramelised pumpkin and spinach arancini. Sink your teeth into slow braised pork belly and chilli and pomegranate marinated lamb skewers with mint yoghurt. Or get a bit messy with chickpea, Thai chicken, and Angus beef sliders (messy burgers, even in miniature, are always the best aren’t they?). And if the cocktails aren’t sweet enough for you, the chocolate caramel tart with crème Chantilly is a decadent treat that will fulfil your cravings for a late night dessert. All of the bar bites are reasonably priced so you have enough dosh left to enjoy their fabulous cocktail list, especially if you make it in during happy hour. It’s enough to give anyone a Cheshire grin. Words by Ranyhyn Akui