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Win tickets to Absinthe!

Absinthe. Just one nip of this ultra-potent, bright green alcohol, and you may feel like you’re visiting the Emerald City of Oz. Steeped over sugar cubes isn’t the only way you can get your fix though. The favoured beverage of everyone from Picasso to Hemingway, this green fairy is paying Brisbane a visit in a big way, with ABSINTHE Tour Le Monde’s dazzling show of daring feats of circus and burlesque set to paint the Spiegeltent in King George Square lime green! In celebration of all the mad-cap antics that will be going on after dark, some of your favourite places to get foot-loose, fancy free and well-fed are giving you their spin on the mother/monster of all liquors. Get ready to experience cocktails (and pork…) like you never have before! Bar Pacino | Eagle Street Pier Like the green fairy godfather of cocktails, the Pacino Green Handshake seals the deal with its heady blend of 90 proof Herbsaint, melon liquor and freshly squeezed apple juice. Is it bitter? Is it sweet? Is it even slightly salty? A drink that’s sure to be as unpredictable as it is enjoyable. Pony Lounge & Dining | Eagle Street Pier The Black Tonic is certainly the dark horse in this showcase, but even though it’s not the same shade of bright emerald as all those other glorious creations, it’s literally a smoking gun of a drink. Served with a burning rosemary garnish, sweetened with cinnamon syrup and underscored with whisky and bitter chocolate flavours, this is a drink that will warm your insides and leave you glowing all night long! absinthe brisbaneEmporium Hotel Cocktail Bar | Fortitude Valley Bar manager and cocktail king Zac Hay has worked his magic, giving tipplers two cunning cocktails to choose from. The Absinthe Frappe is the reigning queen of all grown-up slushies, with honey from the Emporium’s very own rooftop beehives blended with ice and blueberry flavoured Creme de Myrtille. The Gazillionaire’s Swizzle is not for the faint of heart either, with rye bourbon, white port, sweet demerara gomme syrup, lemon juice and a mix of bitters topped off with an Absinthe-filled ice basket, which is set alight right in front of you! Public Restaurant and Bar | CBD We never imagined that we’d be able to stomach this stuff in food form, but pork belly proves to be the perfect pairing to a liquor so strong that it would make Popeye look like a light-weight. The charcoaled roast pork with Absinthe bouquet is truly something to behold. Served with fennel and leek puree, atomised Absinthe and Absinthe soured cream, this dish sounds like the lovechild of a mad scientist and a pixie that’s gone very, very right. Try it with The Brain Duster: with more shots (including Absinthe, of course) than we can poke a swizzle stick at, it’s sure to shake some of the mothballs from your mind! Want to WIN one of five double passs to ABSINTHE on June 11? Just head over to our Facebook page and tell us which cocktail or dish you’ll be seeing green fairies with on the top post – and tag who you’ll share the experience with! But get in quick or you’ll end up as an envious green-eyed monster! Words by Kate Bethune