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Win tickets to a Nose to Tail workshop with The Makers Club

We’ll be the first to admit, when a juicy pile of pork ribs is put in front of us, where it came from is the last thing on our minds. Same with the ham on our lunchtime sandwich, our Sunday night pork roast and the epic pork and rosemary snags that go down oh so well with a heaping serve of mashed potato (it’s the simple things in life). The Makers Club, on the other hand, know very well where those cuts of meat came from – and the waste that often accompanies them. As a part of the Wandering Cooks community, they want to show regular people how to make better use of nature’s provisions, including nose to tail eating. Head along to their next Nose to Tail workshop on April 12 and you’ll be learning some skills that will definitely go down well at your next BBQ. No more picking up boring old fillets at the butchers, this all-day class will teach you how to mince, case, smoke, cook and cure everything from sausages to porchetta to head cheese. Want to be able to one-up your barbequing neighbour who always brags about his latest fishing conquest? Shut him down with a ‘see those snags you just coated in tomato sauce? Made them with my own two hands.’ Better yet, you’ll be equipped to move beyond regular cuts of meat and create flavoursome delicacies from the lesser known (and often cheaper and tastier!) porky parts. Good for the dinner table and for the farmyard! The popular workshop of course will give you the chance to sample all the goodies created, along with some local brews and carefully chosen wines. You’ll be there from 9am to 7pm, so clear your calendar for the event – it takes time to create a masterpiece! Tickets are $195 and very limited. If you want to win tickets to the workshop, just head over to our Facebook page and tag the little piggy you would take with you on the competition post! Words by Ranyhyn Akui