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Win 365 Days of Parmys? We're Not Chicken.

South Brisbane has proven that they’re partial to a parmy, with 10,000 of the tasty suckers flying out the doors of Little Big House.

This milestone has got the Queenslander in a flap, and they’re celebrating the only way they know how – with parmys for EVERYONE.

From August 6th-12th the team will be flinging the usual $21 price tag out the window, and palming off parmys for the jaw-dropping price of just $10. For less than the price of a KFC three-piece box, you can enjoy crispy chicken, smothered in tomato, ham and cheese, crunchy chips and a salad for just ten clams. Eat that Colonel Sanders.

And after the parmy? Comes the after parmy party. There ain’t no party like a parmy party, and Little Big House are throwing one for the ages.

If a finger-lickin’ chicken party isn’t enough for you to Frisbee your diet (or vegetarianism) out the window that surely this will – anyone who does swing by Little Big House for a piece of this can go into the draw to win a YEAR’S WORTH of Parmys. For free. Not a typo – just the opportunity of a lifetime.

That’s 365 days of free lunches, and 365 more reasons to get your chicken loving self into Little Big House. You’re practically saving money, right?

Words by Emma Callaghan
- The gourmand who believes you can't go wrong with a parmy.