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Win $300 for a West End Foodie Bender! 

To the age old question of is there anything better than pizza, pasta or cocktails - we say yes, all of the above, but at no cost. No cost to your wallet that is, a big see you later to our waistlines.  

If you’re craving a Salt Meats Cheese session that’s freer than a swooping mother magpie in spring, call West End your new best friend. West Village is throwing the competition of a lifetime, giving you the chance to win a $300 venue voucher to their sweet child, Laneway WV, which will make a great playmate for your food baby.  

Having popped up earlier this year, Laneway WV grabbed Salt Meats Cheese by the reigns to create your new local Italian go-to, including unique offerings such as their baked brie pasta and all you can eat vegan pizza nights… because there is a foodie god and this is delicious proof. 

Their latest scoop is a La Macelleria Gelateria pop up, just in case you needed any more convincing to enter a free competition? 

You have until August 31 to enter Laneway WV’s competition, which you can do here. 

May the best in the west win. 

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmet you should take with you if you win.