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Learn from a Michelin-starred master chef at Willow Vale Cooking School

There are small moments in life when you feel you can truly call yourself a grown-up: you do your own tax return, you’re keeping all your pot plants alive (not just the cactus), and you’re voluntarily getting out of bed before 9am on weekends.

But there’s nothing that makes you feel more like you’re really nailing this adulting thing than casually plating up an uber-impressive meal for your friends or family (sorry, spaghetti Bolognese doesn’t count).

Whether you’re keen to learn the basic foundations of cooking, or you’re already a firm foodie and looking to level up, a cooking class is always a useful, fun (and very adult, may we say) experience. And now, the crème de la crème of cooking workshops has opened its doors to have you whipping up Michelin-star-worthy eats before you can say “delicieux”.

French-trained legend Bruno Loubet and his wife Catherine have relocated from London back to Australia to open Willow Vale Cooking School, a series of workshops held in a heritage Queenslander on eight acres of dreamy Gold Coast hinterland. Bruno will teach classic cooking techniques in an informal, interactive setting, infused with sustainable cooking principles like how to tailor dishes around a garden calendar and freshly-picked seasonal produce.

The best part? Afterwards, you get to sit down with Bruno and Catherine to feast on the spectacular dishes created during the workshop, and even snag a goodie bag with recipes, a Willow Vale apron, Willow Vale honey and homemade infusions to take home.

The first class is French Icons on August 7, where you’ll learn how to make boudin blanc, beef Bourguignon and tarte Tatin with Bruno’s twist on the classics, followed by a truffle workshop on August 8.

Head here for the full calendar.

Words by Katie Stow
- the gourmand who's in for learning as long as there's also eating.