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“Will That Be The Number One Or Number Two Special?"

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We all have that one friend. That one person who has a strange habit or weird quirk that we will never understand or comprehend. A perfect example would be my roommate whom, without question, will always take a snack with him whenever he goes to the toilet. Pretty goddamn disgusting hey? Apparently not… These days it’s really not that gross to sit down on the loo and eat a tasty dish according to the British, who have converted public urinal blocks into a fine dining experience. The Attendant is one of the newer feasting locations, situated near the Tower Bridge and not far from Oxford Circus, featuring shiny urinals at your disposal. The Poms have found an interesting twist – to eat a meal in a place that is widely known to “dispose” of food a few hours later! It has to be asked: Is this a flushing success or a dump of a disaster? On the bright side, at least the men have the option to keep the seat up or down when digging into their three course meal. The unique menu and setting is something customers will most likely never experience again. So in that regard, after eating at The Attendant you can brag to your friends that you “ate where you would usually poop and ponder about life.” Perhaps Australia will someday follow in this toilet trend and we could have our very own Dunny Diner Down Under! Hannah Twiggs