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Why you need more Olive Oils of Spain in your life

When you see ‘1/4 cup of Olive Oil’ in the ingredients for a recipe you probably don’t stop to think why it has to be that oil specifically. Couldn’t you just swap it for peanut, grapeseed or, god forbid, canola? No, no you can’t! If you want a five star meal, whether it’s a tasty tapenade or roast pork, it has to be Olive Oils of Spain. We know that a lot of all the tasty eats we are always drooling over owe much of their deliciousness to Olive Oil. But before you start worrying about oil and fat and summer bikinis, let us ease your mind with a few nutritional facts. Firstly, the fats contained in Olive Oils of Spain are good for you. In moderation of course, you might not want to guzzle it, but it is a great source of monounsaturated fat, an essential element of any healthy diet. Olive Oils are also full of oleic acid, which can help reduce blood pressure, and plenty of antioxidants like polyphenol and vitamin E for disease fighting. There’s a reason the Mediterranean region has the lowest rate of heart disease in the world and that reason could just be Olive Oil! As if that wasn’t reason enough, Olive Oil itself does its bit to keep things in moderation. When frying food at high temps, Olive Oil creates a crispy golden layer of crunch. Not only does this bring about the fried deliciousness we all know and love, but it prevents the food from absorbing any extra fat, keeping your fat intake levels down. Sounds like a good excuse to start frying everything in Olive Oil from Spain, we think. With over 260 varieties of olives, all of which can create different flavours and aromas in Olive Oil (who knew?), there is an Olive Oil for every recipe and occasion. And almost one in two of all the bottles filled come from Spain, the number one producer and exporter of Olive Oil in the world. When you’re looking for the perfect type, here’s a few guidelines to follow: Extra Virgin No it hasn’t been picked by white clad young girls, it’s actually the most natural and flavor some type and is considered the finest. It’s best for when you really want the flavor to stand out in stews, desserts and that final drizzle. Virgin Similar to extra virgin but with a slightly higher acidity level, this olive juice great for the same uses as extra virgin, just at a slightly lower (but still amazing) level of excellence. Olive Oil The result of the mixture of refined, virgin and extra virgin Olive Oils, this type is perfect for recipes that call for frying and cooking at high temperatures. Great taste, great in the kitchen and good for you? We don’t about you, but we’re going to stock up our pantry with Olive Oils of Spain! For more information on this liquid gold and ideas on how to use it, head to Olive Oils of Spain’s website, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page and get cooking!