Why we’re going to be drinking frosé all summer | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Why we’re going to be drinking frosé all summer

Finally it is possible to satisfy the sugar addicted child that still lives inside all of us as well as the wine loving adult that happily lives on the outside. A new fruity, boozy drink has come to town to heat things up and cool things down all at once – frosé. Frosé, or frozen rose, is a slushie cocktail originally mixed in New York, born of a love of rosé and fond memories of childhood slushie sugar comas. Rosé is mixed with vermouth and pureed strawberries then swirled and frozen in a slushie machine to create a cocktail that has left us infatuated. If a cocktail is popular in New York, you know it must, in the words of Queen B, be #flawless. So when the frosé came to Brisbane, the only problem we had is that we figure out if we are ‘Crazy in Love’ or ‘Drunk in Love’ with this fruity masterpiece. While it’s still a long ways from ‘Run the World’ status (we live in hope), there’s a few spots where you can already get your hot little hands on the trend we’re predicting will define summer 2017, with Alfred and Constance and Harajuku Gyoza in Fortitude Valley both pouring the delicious sip, along with Garden Kitchen and Bar in Broadbeach to cater for all those summer road trips. Time to get your frosé freak on. Words by Kate Stevens