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Why We’re Clucky for Hello Chicken

Colonel Sanders eat your heart out, fried chicken has a new king of the roost – and it’s not American. Cross the road on King Street to Hello Chicken and say g’day to the best Korean around (not to sound cocky). With five cluckin awesome flavours, it’s going to take a while to pick – so in the meantime, get your claws around one of their refreshments available from the drinks kombi! Made with matcha powder and roasted brown rice, Hello Chicken has a contender for the most refreshing home-made Iced Mint Green Tea ever, and don’t even get us started on their homemade Mint Lime Plum Cocktail (which is almost as good as getting laid). There’s no wrong choice when it comes to their menu, but if you can look past the Snow Chicken (chicken coated in cheese, I mean, honestly), you’ll find yourself tossing up between the Original Fried Chicken (you can never go wrong with a classic) or their soy-good Soy Garlic Chicken. Turn up the heat with Korean Chilli Chicken or Crazy Hot Chilli Chicken (the name speaks for itself), or grab a combo box with a drink, chips and incredible sauces including black sesame sauce and yuzu mayo. Come and experience the adorable aesthetic for yourself, with trading hours from Monday to Saturday, open 11:00am – 3:00pm and 5:00pm – 9:00pm. Hello Chicken is also available on Uber Eats. Words by Sophia Lunn, the gourmand who wants a 24/7 Hello Chicken outside her house.