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Why we love Japanese so matcha!

Unless you’re Pauline Hanson, we can all pretty much agree that Australia’s multicultural food scene is pretty fantastic. Where else could you have pasta, gyros, and a bahn mi roll all in the same day? While we love basically any food we can get our hands on, udon know how much we love Japanese! It’s cheap, it’s delicious and it’s often not too unhealthy, so here’s a list of our favourite Japanese dishes, and where you can enjoy them. Ramen | Taro’s Ramen | CBD, Ascot Coming in to winter (or anytime really, who are we kidding) ramen is literally a godsend. There’s noodles, there’s meat, and lots of piping hot broth… It’s basically a balm for your soul. While there’s plenty of places to get your ramen on in Brisbane, Taro’s Ramen is something special. With nine different kinds of ramen on offer (the fire tonkotsu ramen is slow cooked over two days with pork, nori, egg, shallots and homemade chilli oil – a whole lotta love goes into these bowls) as well as a variety of Japanese tapas and sides, the food at Taro’s is truly slurp-tacular. Yakatori | Bird’s Nest | West End, Fortitude Valley Chicken on a stick. So simple, yet so delicious. If you’re in the mood for some skewers, look no further than Bird’s Nest! Their skewer menu features everything from chicken wing skewer with lemon and cracked pepper to their Italian skewer with bocconcini, tomato & basil wrapped in thinly sliced pork belly. Not to mention their array of sides, salads, and desserts, you certainly will be spoilt for choice. Just make sure not to stick the skewer in your mouth all at once, it’s tempting, but dangerous. Gyoza | Harajuku Gyoza | CBD, South Bank, Fortitude Valley, Indooroopilly Let’s get one thing clear, we LOVE Gyoza. They’re perfect little parcels of deliciousness we can eat without cutlery and without judgment when we have more than three serves. If it’s Gyoza you’re after, you can’t go past Harajuku Gyoza! Not only is it one of the most funky restaurants in town (just watch what happens when you order sake- you won’t regret it), they offer eight different kinds of gyoza (including cheese and bacon. Drool!) and they’re all as delicious as each other. Sashimi | Mizu | Teneriffe, West End Japan is one of the few countries that have made the idea of eating raw meat genuinely appetising. Mizu is known for their authentic and delicious selection of sashimi (including their Japanese take on carpaccio with sliced salmon with grape seed oil, sea salt, dried shiso flakes and fresh lemon, yum), and for good reason…. It’s bloody good! If sashimi isn’t your thing they also have a selection of sushi, seafood, salad and sides that will make you want to immediately go home and book a one-way ticket to Tokyo. Forks down, chopsticks out! Words by Georgia Casey