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Why Hass avocados are better than Shepard

Here for a garbage time, not a long time.

It’s Shepard season, and if your mouth is watering at the thought… we need to talk. 


From February through to April, Australia is confined to a Hass-less life – a time where we can easily say “hell no, thanks” to guac in our burritos; a humbling few months that prove you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Why, you (shouldn’t) ask? Because Hass avocados are straight-up superior to the subpar trash that is Shepard. 

The reasoning doesn’t need to be supported by extensive research, just by common sense *wink* – here’s some smashed avo on toast: 


Once ripe, our beloved Hass avocados are as creamy as they come. When you’re fanging for some smashed avo, you expect just that – because who wants firm, diced avo on a slice of sourdough? Mmm-mmm, disappointing. 

Regardless of how ripe they are, Shepards are ridiculously hard to spread. It’s almost as if the avo itself is warning you that this is not what you ought to be doing with its contents. What are they good for, then? Exactly. 


Besides its change in texture, Hass avos are evidently ripe once they’re more brown than green. Their insides are a pleasant, pastel green – making them as inviting as they are delicious. 

Shepards’ exteriors are an untrustworthy slimy, bright green, with a dank fluro green/yellow situation inside. Frankly, they look fake – and we don’t have time for fake people OR avocados in our lives. Thank you, next. 


Congratulations, you have just spent $4 to eat something that tastes like NOTHING. Tying into the fact that they look fake, Shepard avos probably tickle the taste buds less than playdough would (don’t test that theory, just ask your niece). 

Hass avocados have a unique taste, enhanced by the likes of seasoning, lemon, and fetta. If you want to up the taste of your Shepard, we recommend throwing it out the window and waiting patiently until Hass season. 

You can rest easy knowing tastier times are just around the corner. Hang in there, Hass lovers.


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Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who hass to wait until May before life feels right again.