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Who said You Can’t Make Friends with Salad?

Whether it’s because your best mate is vego, or your dining date happens to be fond of #meatfreeMonday -  it pays to know where to go for vegetarian food.

We get it, sometimes vegetarian dishes have mushroom for error – especially when you’re obsessed with meat, not beet.  But we’re here to get you out of this pickle. We’ve leeked the yummiest vegetarian dishes in Brisbane, so good we’d happily skip meat for. In fact, try any of the delights on this list and you may find that being a vegetarian is not such a big missed-steak.

Watermelon and Pomelo salad | Chop Chop Chang’s | West End

For those who don’t speak vegetarian, pomelo offers a citrus zing that can turn any salad into a burst of spring. Combined with watermelon, fresh mint, crushed cashews and chilli you are in for a flavour explosion that even steak can’t compare to.

Aloo Kofta | Kathmandu Newa Chhe’n | Paddington

Warming up with a hot curry is a must in winter, and vegetarian curries are as good (if not better) than any chicken korma or lamb madras. Aloo Kofta – fried potato and veggie balls cooked with a spicy tomato sauce – is sure to hit the spot, especially when soaked up with crispy garlic naan. Excuse us whilst we wipe the drool from our mouths.

Haloumi and Eggplant Burger | Remy’s | Paddington

Haloumi is a universal language between vegetarian and meat-eaters. Add it to a burger and we are in serious business. This badass burger from Remy’s features an eggplant patty topped with haloumi, pickle and relish – definitely something you can sink your teeth into. There are also cocktails on the menu, so turnip it up.

Vegan Ramen | Hai-Hai Ramen | Paddington

Say Hai Hai to the best ramen in town – which also happens to be vegetarian friendly. Win! We love it because you can customise ramen exactly to your liking – but trust us when we say: add the soft marinated egg. It will get jalapeño business.

Roast Pumpkin Pizza | Vege Rama | Multiple Locations

Everyone loves pizza, and it’s about time a vegetarian flavour got a pizza the action. On a crispy based topped with pumpkin, spinach, pine nuts and mint pistou, you’ll definitely think this is mint!

Rawsome Spaghetti | Loving Hut | Mt Gravatt

Wait, vegetarians can have bolognese too? Why didn’t you say soy? Loving Hut serves up a generous bed of zucchini pasta topped with a rich bolognese sauce of capsicum, celery and other fresh vegetables. So delicious you won’t even miss the carbs.

Halloumi Hot dog | Bruno’s Cafe | Tarragindi

We’ve found the ultimate vegetarian surprise with Bruno’s Bne halloumi hot dog. This a tasty treat for even the most die-hard hot dog fans – and it’s even better if you can score a seat on their back deck, overlooking beautiful park land.

Lets face it, we just achieved world peas. You’re welcome.