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Who is the FURU?

It’s so hard these days to find the perfect restaurant or café to celebrate certain occasions. Like your friend’s new promotion at ‘what’s it called?’, or breaking up with your overly clingy girlfriend, or sharing an awkward breakfast the morning after. I know I struggle Googling possible destinations that are right for the occasion (word of advice, never take your new vegan friend to Grill’d – bad life decision). Fret no more as the  FURU (The Food Guru) is here to save the day by finding the best places in and around Brisbane to satisfy your search for a delicious place to dine. Whether you’re a teenager or the ripe age of 70, whether you’re a vegetarian or meat-lover, whatever your situation or destination, the hospitality heroes behind the FURU will help with your decision. Although FURU cannot be unmasked to the public, we can tell you they are an expert in the food industry and a ninja in the kitchen. They are a legend in Brisbane with only few knowing their true identity. Some have seen them eat a ten course meal in under three minutes whilst writing a critical essay about the beauty of profiteroles at the same time. You won’t be disappointed with the FURU’s choice of venue, so what are you standing around for? Fill out the FURU form and begin your journey; they know where to go for whatever occasion and they’re 110% accurate every time. In the words of sensei FURU, “Once the stomach is full, your heart is full.” So what are you waiting for? Ask the FURU today.