Where to Wine and Dine with Animals In Brisbane

Where to Wine and Dine with Animals

Dine with Animals

Let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Living in an age where you can bring your best mate along for brunch is glorious (we’re talking about doggo’s, sorry human best friends reading this), but it’s also a time where animals of all shapes and sizes are sneaking out of your dreams and into your favourite hangout.

If you’re down to wine and dine with highland cows and go ridin’ on the horses (yeah, yeah), read on for our list of the East Coast’s fur-friendly spots.

Lucky Cat Café | Annerley

Let the cat out of the bag and into your heart. Booking a session at Lucky Cat Café will score you one hour of sweet time with a room full of rescued fur babies! If you’re not too distracted by all the cuddles and cooing, the café offers a fab selection of drinks and cakes. You can also sign up for cat yoga or cat toy-making classes, as if the offerings weren’t 10/10 already.

Three Blue Ducks | Byron Bay

There’s nothing ugly about this duckling. Three Blue Ducks is resident restaurant to The Farm at Byron Bay, where two worlds collide for one memorable paddock to plate experience. After biting into fresh burrata and roast potatoes, you can stroll straight onto The Farm to pat every pig, chicken, horse and highland cow in sight.

Lone Pine Riverside Café | Kenmore

Koality stuff. Lone Pine Sanctuary is as iconic as people that still believe you can ride in a kangaroo’s pouch. Go to the Riverside Café for a bite and a brew, and stay for the drop bears. If you don’t hold a koala during your visit, you haven’t done it right.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary | Currumbin

If you’re not terrified of birds, congratulations, and this is the place for you! Flock to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for a full-on experience with rainbow lorikeets, with a side of kangaroos, wallabies, bilbies, crocs, dingos, and more. There are plenty of places to eat at the sanctuary, making for an all-round tasty time.

Black Cat Café | Wacol

Consider yourself lucky at Black Cat Café. RSPCA’s Wacol facility runs this wholesome adoption-filled cafe, where you might go for a coffee, and leave with a cat! The café has a range of cruelty-free food and drinks available with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menu options. We’ll take a brownie and three dogs, thanks.

J.M. Jones Tearooms | Mount Nebo

Birb is the word. J.M. Jones is a humble café with a generous helping of every set of wings in Queensland. Grab a cuppa and feed a couple-a hungry bois.

Who’s a good boy?!

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who is an actual sloth.