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Where to wine a night away over cheese & charcuterie

We can’t be the only ones who would happily have an entire dinner of nothing but cheese, salami and those lavosh crackers that are somehow a thousand times better than the water crackers your mum puts out at every family gathering. Throw in a good bottle of wine and you have our ideal date night, girls night, post-work drinks session, and everything in between.
Claret House | Teneriffe
Whether you want to become a wine expert at their regular wine tasting nights, or just take a seat in the cosy bar for a build your own platter of cheese and charcuterie with a bottle from their extensive list (seriously – it’s long), Claret House certainly won’t judge you for ordering nothing but cheese and charcuterie to go with your wine. Well, at least for the first two platters – we take no responsibility for side eye glances when you get up to three.
The French Food Shop |Fortitude Valley
This authentic French bistro lives by the idea of ‘Le Bistro du coin’ – the belief that a great glass of wine and a delicious selection of wine and cheeses should be enjoyed in a warm and cosy atmosphere. They have adhered to their principle well with a bistro that’s as warm and cosy as a hug from grandma. The soft and hard cheeses paired with tasty meats sound gouda to us, and the short but well-rounded drinks list is nothing to wine about!
Aquitaine | South Bank
Oh, will you look at that? It’s wine o’clock, and we desperately need a glass. Luckily, Aquitaine pours a champagne and wine list that will have you smiling (mainly because you’re a little tispy) best paired with their cheese and house made meats. A glass of wine with a serving of blue cheese, pate, saucission and jamon are a must for wine o’clock at Aquitaine. When is wine o’clock, you ask? All the time.
Grape Therapy  | CBD
Sometimes the stress of work, bills, taxes, partners, and kids just gets a little too much. Sometimes you need a little therapy, and the best kind of therapy is Grape Therapy. Upon entering this wine bar, all the stresses of the modern world will fade away as you feel yourself entering a simpler, calmer time where there’s only two things you have to worry about: if you can finish the bottle of wine without your friends noticing, and if it is acceptable to eat an entire charcuterie board plus the cheese by yourself. We say give it a go!
Dalgety Public House | Teneriffe
Sometimes you’ve just got to stop and smell the rosé – an entire bottle of it to be exact. Sniff and sip your way through Dalgety’s rosé list and you’ll be ready to take more than a moment, you’ll be settling in for the whole night. Especially if you pair it with their epic cheese and charcuterie board.
Cru Bar + Cellar | Fortitude Valley
If the only running you do is running out of wine, then Cru Bar + Cellar is the place for you. Not only does it offer a selection of crisp, medium and full bodied whites and reds, but it’s a bar and a cellar, so you can continue your wine-athon in the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, their boards, which include a selection of five cheeses served with dried figs, fresh grapes, quince paste and crisp breads aren’t take away, but who would want to leave the stunning bar anyway?
La Lune Wine Co | South Brisbane
Ok, so La Lune Wine Co. isn’t open yet, but we figured that all you wine and cheese lovers needed to know about this so you can pull on your running shoes and sprint there at the speed of Usain Bolt when it does open. The Fish Lane bar and bistro will be serving up sophisticated wines and equally delicious cheese and charcuterie boards come March, and we’ve already got opening day locked in our diaries. That’s next Friday sorted (and Saturday, and Sunday…). Words by Kate Stevens