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Where to spend Valentine's Day in Brisbane

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The day of love is nearly upon us, and who could pass up the excuse to eat chocolate, drink wine and make sweet, sweet food babies? Whether you’re all loved up and ready to spend the most romantic day of the year looking into each others eyes (but not sharing dessert), or single and ready to mingle with the help of a whole lot of cocktails, we’ve got your Valentine’s Day plans covered this year.

The ultimate date ideas

If you’re not romantically inclined and racking your brains for the perfect candlelit dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Brisbane and show your significant other you adore them, we’ve got a list of spots that will win their heart (and their stomach) and then some.

romantic breakfast brisbane featureBrisbane’s most romantic brunches

Hitting up your regular cafe for the same pile of fritters you get every Sunday just isn’t going to cut it for brunch the most loved up day of the year. So we’ve put together a list of some super special breakfast spots that are sure to get you laid in the good books this Valentine’s Day.

diy featureThe DIY guide to Valentine’s Day

If a restaurant brimming with other loved up couples doesn’t sound like your dream date, maybe it’s time to get your craft on and DIY up some Valentine’s mood with the help of some cupids around town.

singles valentines day brisbane featureThe single’s guide to Valentine’s Day 

If another PDA or mention of the word ‘romance’ is liable to make you lose your lunch, we’ve got a few places where love is just a four-letter word and the roses will be replaced by cocktails.

brisbanechocolatetourBrisbane’s best chocolate shops 

We want everyone to indulge in the best chocolate Brisbane has to offer, so we’ve road tested Brisbane’s top chocolate shops to find the best bites to either gift or maybe just keep all to yourself this Valentine’s Day. Now you’ve got no excuse to be at home on the couch on Valentine’s Day – single or taken!