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Where to party on a Thursday

If you’ve made it to Thursday, congratulations.

You’ve pushed past hump day and Friday is so close you can almost taste it. That Saturday morning sleep in is in your reach, but we’ve still got to make it through the next 24 hours.

Wouldn’t a refreshing gin cocktail, a plate (or four) of irresistible tapas and some jazz music just make the weekend come so much sooner? But where? Brisbane, we need to talk. For too long Thursday nights have been for the students, so we’re here to give you the scoop on the joint that’s taking it back – way back – to a bygone era.

If fruit tingle jugs and mechanical bulls aren’t your usual bag, The Port Office have your Thursday night fix covered. Inspired by the original Thursday Club of 1864, The Port Office are launching their own night of jazz, booze and debauchery.

Upstairs in the newly refurbished, plantation style Colonial Bar, ‘The Thursday Club’ is ready to ease you into the weekend. Get ready to cut loose with Bombay Sapphire cocktails flowing, tasty tapas at your fingertips and an Electro Swing band to help you get down. If you’re keen for a drink, a dance or just to celebrate Friday eve, swing (dance) by The Port Office every Thursday from June 15 to step back in time and kick it flapper style.

Bring your mates or even a cheeky date and prepare your body for a night of decadence. It’ll be one for the ages, and we promise not to tell your boss.

Words by Emma Callaghan