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Where to learn the art of coffee

Aroma, body, finish, brewing method, origin – there’s a whole lot more to coffee than how many sugars you have in your morning cuppa. Like fine wine, every step along the way adds a little something to experience, from how much sunlight those precious beans get to whether it’s brewed long or short. So if you no longer want to have to awkwardly pretend that you know what the barista is talking about when they offer you the bean of the month, we’ve rounded up a few spots where you can learn the about the brewtiful art of coffee. Wolff Roasters | Hendra At Wolff, coffee isn’t just a morning brew, it’s a craft that they’ve spent decades perfecting. Not the type to hide away in the woods with their hard-earned knowledge – the Wolff Pack is prepared to share it all, offering free cupping classes every month. Taste your way through beans from around the world and once you know the difference between aroma, body, flavour and a myriad of other nuances, you can move on to mastering the craft of espresso, brewed coffee, latte art and even roasting at the Wolff College of Coffee. Merlo | Brisbane If you’re blood type is coffee, you’ll know all about Merlo and their line up of international beans. But did you know they also a run coffee appreciation courses? Head to one of their roasting houses and you’ll get to tour the factory, sample a few of their smooth brews, pick up some expert advice and take home a goodie bag! Campos | Fortitude Valley Cupping isn’t just a class at Campos – it’s an experience. Their espresso experts will take you through five different coffees one sip at time, and there will be no deja brew with each new cup! Best of all, you also get a take home pack of all the coffee you sampled during the session. Rouge | South Brisbane If you like coffee a latte, look no further than Rouge Coffee to help you espresso yourself a whole lot better. One of their courses will have soon have you making the perfect coffee at home, from adjusting the grind of your bean to making intricate portraits in your lattes. Ok, maybe not, but you’ll at least be able to make a leaf. Di Bella | Bowen Hills From free 15 minute tours of their roasting house to the ultimate 2.5 hour ‘Crop to Cup’ appreciation journey, DiBella has a course for every level of coffee worship. Get buzzed with a cupping session or rise and grind your way through a lesson on how to use your home coffee machine. Properly. Not just resorting to espressos every morning. Elixir | Stafford We’re all thinking it, but Elixir go ahead and call it how it is: coffee is the elixir of life. Their 90 minute coffee appreciation courses teach coffee lovers how to make the perfect coffee every single time, steaming milk, pouring espressos, tamping (there is a wrong way and a right way) and plenty more. You can even bring in your own machine to make sure you can take your new skills home. Brew can do it! Words by Caroline Tully