Where to grab a healthy lunch in the city

Where To Grab a Healthy Lunch in the CBD

Dieting is hard, take it from us - the longest we’ve managed was that one time we had lasted a solid hour without sugar until we forgot we were dieting and ate an entire packet of Cadbury top deck.

It’s hardest to eat clean in the city, especially when you’re craving lunch and all you see is Hungry Jacks on one side and Maccas on the other – so we’ve compiled a list of where to grab a bite before your hunger vision takes over and all you see are chicken nuggets.

Spudbar | Wintergarden | Spanish Spud

Skip the fries and head straight to SpudBAR, where potatoes are loaded with flavour and nutrients. The new Spanish Spud is the definition of warm fuzzies with spinach, roast pumpkin, sweet corn, sour cream, spring onion and Spanish sauce.

Raw Energy | Edward St | Chilli Chicken Quinoa Bowl

Craving the warmth and affection of human touch? Get the next best thing at Raw Energy, with their roast veg, Greek yoghurt, chicken and quinoa bowl that’ll leave you feeling like you just got a big hug.

Felix For Goodness | Burnett Ln | Sourdough Pumpkin Hotcake

Our dreams have come true at Felix For Goodness, with all-day brunch! Although all their eats are appetising to say the least, our hearts lie with their sourdough pumpkin hotcakes that taste even better than they look (we mean honestly, how can you say no to candied mandarin).

Kiss the Berry | Creek St | Apple Crumble Bowl

While Kiss the Berry is our go-to for acai smoothies and bowls, our fave is the apple crumble bowl. With acai, banana, stewed apple, cinnamon and granola, it tastes like Christmas in your mouth.

Coco Bliss | Wintergarden | Snickers Superfood Bowl

After something sweet? Leave the empty calories behind with a Snickers superfood bowl from Coco Bliss. With acai, cacao, peanut butter and toffee caramel, you won’t even be able to tell you’ve just done something great for your bod.

Vege Rama | Adelaide St | Satay Burger

You’re probably wondering how a burger got on this list – but this is no big mac. Vege Rama’s burgers are plant based, and their Satay burgers are made with faux chicken patties, satay peanut sauce, snow peas sprouts and sliced cabbage.

Thr1ve | Adelaide St | Clean Burrito Bowl

Feel funky fresh with one of Thr1ve’s clean burrito bowls. Indulge in slow cooked pulled beef with red quinoa and brown rice, avocado, pea smash, black beans and more nutritional goodness, and if you’re feelin’ clucky, you can swap the beef with chicken.

For tasty eats that’ll keep you feeling good, you can’t go wrong here.

Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who's struggling to keep her sugar addiction at bay.