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Where to go for drinks with a view

Want to get that perfect sunset drinking ‘gram this weekend? You know, the one with a glass of wine held up to the sky, gobsmackingly gorgeous view in the background, that you can hashtag with #fromwhereyoudratherbe? Well, you don’t have to go far to get it, because there’s a few Brisbane bars where the drinks are plentiful and the photo-worthy views are free. Friday’s | CBD Brisbane’s original rooftop bar, Friday’s has been providing the ultimate riverside setting for sunset drinking since longer than we can remember. Perch yourself on the rooftop and sip your way through their epic cocktail list with a prime view of the Story Bridge behind you and you’re bound to end up with an album full of potential Instagram shots in no time. Stoke Bar | South Bank The best views of Brisbane’s city skyline may be in the unfortunately booze free zone of the South Bank parklands but worry not! Stoke Bar definitely has no such ban and their riverside deck doesn’t just have incredible views, it’s also free of annoying joggers. Order yourself a spicy coconut jalapeno martini and nibble on fried mozzarella while you laugh at the people wasting an afternoon on exercise. Eagle’s Nest | Kangaroo Point You don’t have to scale the Kangaroo Point cliff face to get the view of our river city the suburb offers, Eagle’s Nest provides a much better view AND they’ve got champagne (winning!). They may only be open on Sunday afternoons, but the panorama photos you’ll get of the entire city make it so worth lining up a visit, even if they didn’t have cocktails like the Awkward Moment with vodka, Malibu, Chambord, mint, cranberry juice and lime. Blackbird | CBD Arrange yourself on one of Blackbird’s gold lounges (careful not to spill your wine, of course), blue skies and river views behind you and you’ll feel about as fancy as you can be. We’re usually too busy taking snaps of cocktails like the Melon & Pear Spritz with tequila, pear liqueur, honey dew melon, mint & honey water and a spritz of soda to pose for selfies, but you and your pout might be more photo ready. new years eve brisbane riverbarRiverbar & Kitchen | CBD Riverbar is one of those spots that you’d could head to for lunch, get way too settled in after the soothing river views convince you that yes, you can order another apertivo, and before you know it, you’ve missed an entire afternoon of work. Too bad your boss knows where you are because of all the photos you posted. Better order a soft shelled crab burger to soak up all the lychee mojitos so you don’t have to try and pass off your hangover as a deathly illness tomorrow. Hundred Acre Bar | St Lucia Prefer the green hills and rolling vales of nature to the sight of the concrete jungle that is your 9-5 everyday? The only thing that will interrupt your drinking session at Hundred Acre Bar is the occasional ‘thwack’ of a golf ball being hit across the green of the St Lucia golf course. But you’ll probably too busy munching on duck pancakes and drinking sangria to notice. Eleven Rooftop Bar | Fortitude Valley You’ll be on top of the world (well, Fortitude Valley at least) at Eleven, and you won’t have to feel self conscious about snapping that selfie either – it’s kind of the done thing on this rooftop. Get there early and nab a table by the edge so you can arrange your rabbit cauliflower popcorn, charcuterie and Apple Pie Martini to get the perfect shot. Byblos | Hamilton If Pinterest-worthy views aren’t enough for you and you like to feel like you’re somewhere exotic (even if your geo tag still says Brisbane), a fruity cocktail and spread of baba ghanouj, grilled haloumi and Lebanese dumplings at Byblos will help you get there. Just don’t drink one too many Martina Gingis, with Hayman’s Sole Gin, Aperol, Luxardo Maraschino & Pernod Absinthe, and end up taking a dip in the river across the way. Fingers crossed for sunshine for the rest of summer! Words by Ranyhyn Akui