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Where to go for all you can eat

Imagine being super hungry, like, eat a horse hungry.

You haven’t eaten all day because your mate is taking you out for dinner. You get to the restaurant and you order the chicken, it’s said to be a popular option and is served with some decent sides. Yeah, okay, good choice right? WRONG. It comes out and it’s about the size of your clenched up fist, and costs about the same as three smashed avo’s – so let’s say $78 and your first born child.

This is why all you can eat is our lord and saviour. From unlimited wings to brunch to yum cha, this list will guide you on a very strong journey towards owning a few more pairs of track pants.

We don’t hear any complaining, so let’s proceed.

KaiKai Chicken | St Lucia

You’ll undeniably cry cry if you never get to experience the joy that is KaiKai. Step into their office if you mean business, because well under 30 dollarydoos will score you everything from fried chicken wings and dirty fries to pizza and dessert. If you aren’t opposed to a little bit of liquor, a bottomless booze buffet option is well and truly on the table. Winner winner.

Salt Meats Cheese | Gasworks

If you can shamelessly demolish an entire pizza by yourself, why not go for two? Heck, even three. Ah yes friends, all you can eat pizza isn’t just a slice of heaven, it’s a very thick crust of reality. Every Monday night from 5pm, Salt Meats Cheese rolls out $20 all you can eat pizza in anything but a cheesy attempt to win us all over (it’s working).

Brisbane Marriott Hotel | CBD

Brunch. Buffet. Because who doesn’t want to slip out of their pyjamas on a Sunday mid-morning and slide straight into a mimosa? From 11:30am-2:30pm every Sunday, the Marriott Hotel will be adding the uuufff to buffet with everything from roast beef, pasta, fresh seafood and dessert. The cherry on top of your weekend without a doubt.

Il Barocco | Main Beach

Girls don’t like boys, girls like bars and buffets. For a cheeky designer all you can eat experience, Versace’s Il Barocco is the way to go. Don your best dress and splurge on an UberSELECT to transport your very extra self to the best breakfast, lunch or seafood dinner that money can buy. Yo, hold my poodle.

Thyme² | CBD

Got a lot of thyme on your hands? Whether you need your breakfast, lunch or dinner fix, Thyme² dishes out hella decent all you can eats such as smoked duck carpaccio and golden ark honey and ginger glazed pork belly. You herb it here first.

Ribbetts | Dutton Park

Baby. back. ribs. Ribbetts is a little bit of BYO, a little bit of table service buffet and a lot of how’s it goin’. With the likes of wild fries, pasta, pizza, wings, ribs and sides, you’re going to need an extra bib or two our sweet babes.

Govinda’s Restaurant | CBD

Vegetarians rejoice! Govinda’s vego all you can eat is $12.90, meaning you can turnip the beet for a mere couple of bucks. Spice things up with some koftas, vegetable curry, split mung dahl and more. What a time to be alive.

Seoul Bistro | Sunnybank

Full of heart and seoul, their all you can eat wings buffet will leave your tastebuds soaring. Seoul Bistro’s buffet scores you wings coated in peri peri and buffalo marinades, just to name a couple of several options, fries, garlic bread and iced tea. These cheeky chickens know how to please a gal.

Navala Churrascaria | CBD

Meat your all you can eat match at Navala. You and your mates can get around an unlimited Brazilian BBQ degustation, with a tonne of sides and skewers of meat that will be carved right at your table. Test the limits kids, because the carvers will keep serving until you say stop. The limit does not exist.

Sichuan Bang Bang | Paddington

Spring roll in to Sichuan Bang Bang on a Sunday if endless yum cha is up your alley. From 11:30am, you’re going to be hopping on the dumpling train and getting off at steamed pork bun station. For everything yum cha under the sun, these guys have got you covered.

Sizzler | Cleveland

They may take away our Sizzler venues, but they’ll never take our freedom! You definitely have the freedom to go to the last standing precious honey baby buffet of our childhood, and you 100% should. From the cheesy toast to the potato skins to the glorious ice cream machine (that’s never broken, take note Macca’s), grab that opportunity with both hands. Who knows how much time we have left.

It’s time to defeat all you can eat. You got dis.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who considers a three-course meal a light snack