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Where to go for a festive dinner

There’s nothing like Christmas to bring the whole family together – mum, dad, your siblings, your terrifying mother-in-law, your weird Aunt Judy, that cousin everyone only sees once a year, the grandparent that calls your partner by a different name every time (Steve? Stan? Stewart?)… yep, it’s a wonderful time of year. We can’t make your family time perfect, but we can make sure your family meal is, with a few places where the only thing you’ll want to be over quickly is Uncle Joe’s terrible fishing stories.
Otto | CBD
Between the stunning Story Bridge views, the gorgeous décor and the plates of wood fired lemon and black pepper Moreton Bay bug and burnt butter roast pumpkin in front of you, you won’t even notice your sister-in-law showing off pictures of her child’s latest new skills. You’ll be too busy perusing their 14 page wine menu, and deciding which drop will go best with every one of your many courses to come.
 Kettle & Tin | Paddington
Want to take the family somewhere a little relaxed, where they won’t look at you askance when Uncle Dave rocks up in a bright Hawaiian shirt? Kettle & Tin will pass no judgement, and happily dish up a festive shared plate spread including pulled pork nachitos, seared scallops and miso pork belly to one and all for $40 a head, complete with a bottle of wine or cocktail jug. If you haven’t got the niminum 4 people required, you can always hit the regular menu, and there’s even a few Christmassy cocktails to sip while you nibble on their breezy deck or inside the charming cottage venue – Gingerbread Sour, anyone?
Nickel | Fortitude Valley
For anyone with a family member who loves to tell stories about ‘the good old days,’ Nickel will take them right back there. While they wax lyrical over prawn cutlets and chicken kiev, you can enjoy the glam décor and a lemon meringue martini or three – and steal some of their poutine while they’re not looking. Best of all, they’re right in the heart of the Valley, so afterwards, you can drop everyone off at the cab rank and continue the party elsewhere.
Happy feasting! Words by Ranyhyn Akui