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Where to get your Nutella fix in Brisbane

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Let’s be honest – we owe a lot to the Italians. Spaghetti bolognaise, cheesy pizza and negronis – we’d have none of it without the genius pairings only Italy could dream up. But if we had to pick one creation we couldn’t live without, it would be Nutella (duh!). The sweet, chocolatey hazelnut spread, it’s the only reason we actually buy bread – when we’re not spooning it straight from the jar. With Nutella Day happening on February 5, we thought it would be best to hunt down all the places you can scoff down Nutella filled treats right now – because when are you going to get a better excuse to eat your weight in choc hazelnut spread?
Doughnut Time | Various
It’ll be Love at First Bite when you chomp into this doughnut oozing with Nutella – just be sure to check your face for leftovers once your finished.
The Charming Squire | South Brisbane
It might be only happening for one weekend, just in time for Nutella Day, but that still gives you two chances (or more if you double up) to try The Charming Squire’s weekend special of a Nutella and banana stuffed sandwich fried in coconut panko crumbs and served with house-made Nutella ice cream, Nutella mascarpone, brulee banana, chocolate and hazelnut praline crumb, bacon crisp and blueberries! Holy.
Santa Monica | CBD
Are you ready for this? Santa Monica are dishing up a Nutella BURGER! With a brioche bun, layers of delectable Nutella, fresh fruit and a hazelnut crumble, it’s the burger of your dreams.
Il Posto | Paddington
Being that Nutella is Italian, it goes without saying that ‘the place’ for a hot Nutella calzone with vanilla bean ice cream is Il Posto, in the form of their decadent Calzone al cioccolato.
Fratelli Famous | CBD
Say hello to the Nutella Pizza at Fratelli!  Complete with strawberries, the bonus is that they’ll be dishing up $5 Nutella pizzas all day on February 5!
brisbane nutella chester streetChester Street | Fortitude Valley
You ain’t never seen lasagna like this: rich layers of Nutella spread nice and thick between crepes with marscapone and marshmallows. Totally OTT and we love it.
Harajuku Gyoza | Various
What’s better than Nutella? Deep-fried Nutella! Wrapped in crunchy gyoza pastry with banana and served with ice cream of course.
Bar Pacino | CBD
Are you ready for all your grown up Nutella dreams to come true? We hope your sitting down, because Bar Pacino does Nutella shots. Nutella. Shots. Oh yes.
Miss Claudes Crepes | New Farm
An entire cafe dedicated to crepes? Yes puh-lease! Miss Claudes has a wide array of sweet and savory crepes, with a special menu section dedicated entirely to decadent Nutella based concoctions.
Music Box Cheesecakes | Markets around town
There’ll be no sharing here, with single-sized portions of smooth and creamy Nutella cheesecake that you can turn into a sundae if you’re feeling especially indulgent.
Mister Fitz | Various
Mister Fitz is a magical place wherein you have the opportunity to inhale an ice cream sandwich stuffed with delicious Nutella ice cream and then wash it down with a big, fat Nutella milkshake. Just don’t blame us for the ensuing food coma.
Southside Tea Room | Morningside
Prefer not to waste time chewing, and instead drink your Nutella without pause? Luckily Southside whizzes up a mean Nutella milkshake. If only we could inject it straight to our veins.
Zeus Street Greek | South Bank
Just when you thought there was no conceivable way to improve upon Greek doughnuts, Zeus Street Greek has turned it up a notch and drizzled them with Nutella and crushed walnuts. We support this initiative.
Denim Co. | South Bank
Don’t waffle! Visit Denim Co. and treat yo’ self to their Golden Waffles, drizzled with warm Nutella, topped with caramel popcorn and served with a side of vanilla ice cream. We’re not drooling. You’re drooling.
Nitrogenie | South Bank
Sing ‘my nutella, ella, ella’ to us all you like, we won’t be sharing any of our choc hazelnut Nutella Cornucopia gelato with anyone. We’re Nutella-n you how much ‘research’ we did writing this – you’ll judge us. Words by Sarah Nguyen