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Where to get your matcha fix

Been seeing a lot of freakishly green lattes popping up in your Instagram feed lately? No, it’s not a weird new coffee, it’s matcha, and it’s slowly taking over the health food scene. This Japanese green tea powder is touted as being able to do everything from speed up your metabolism to detoxify your system. But best of all, it can be used in everything from cakes to cocktails (though whether you still reap the benefits by eating it in cheesecake is another matter entirely). It also makes a pretty good substitute for your morning cuppa if coffee just ain’t doing it for you any more. Has the humble cappuccino finally met it’s matcha? So you can jump on the bandwagon yourself, we’ve rounded up a few places doing some delicious things with the stuff. Scrumptious Reads | Fortitude Valley Scrumptious Reads has welcomed Sinmei Tea, a traditional tea house, to the store and with it has come a whole lot of not so traditional matcha treats. Matcha molten lava cake, matcha brownies and even matcha mojitos are available in the cozy nook! R&Rhino  | Greenslopes Counting macros? Head to R&Rhino, where they’ll swap lifting stories with you and load you up with a Matcha Power protein smoothie bowl. Packed with the green goodness, banana, coconut yoghurt, spinach and vanilla, it all comes in at a measly 230 calories. Pineapple Express | Hamilton Taking ice cream and making it dairy free AND good for you? Pineapple Express’ Cocowhip goes down as legendary in our books, and you can get it matcha flavoured. If you can resist the Death by Chocolate sundae, that is. Grindhouse | Stones Corner When a specialty coffee house starts pouring matcha lattes, you know it’s got to be a good thing. If you’re new to the matcha craze, you might want a spoonful of sugar in there, but if not, drink up for a morning sip as healthy as it looks! Passion Tree | CBD The frozen version of a matcha latte is Passion Tree’s sweet Green Tea Passioncino, finished off with a generous swirl of cream. We figure all the metabolism boosting goodness of the matcha cancels out all the sugar, so it ends up totally calorie free, right? Mizu | Teneriffe You simply can’t leave Mizu without a green tea ice cream for dessert, no matter how many plates of sushi and tempura you’ve inhaled. If you’ve left enough room, try the banana spring rolls served with green tea ice cream – it’s definitely worth the food baby. Move over acai, there’s a new superfood in town. Words by Ranyhyn Akui