Where to get your keep cup in Brisbane

Where to get your keep cup in Brisbane

On the hunt for something tall, dark, rich that always delivers?

Now we have your attention, we are not describing your dream husband, we’re talking about the elixir of life – coffee!

Despite the fact that the daily grind is the sole reason we can get through our ‘daily grind’, recent media attention has made us rethink our drink. When a tram full of disposable cups rode the streets of Melbourne symbolising how much Australian’s throw away each year, it caught our attention.

Australian’s throws away over 1 million coffee cups per year and despite the fact they are on the green list to be recycled, they go straight to landfill. If the negative side of this caffeinated addiction is now at the forefront of your attention, there are still a few ways you can get your fix without the environmental guilt trip.

1) Marry or date a beautiful, tanned, shirtless Italian barista who can give you everything you have ever dreamed of – in a ceramic mug, at home, in bed, while he rubs your feet. Or if that seems a bit unrealistic for you.

2) Head into Evolve Organic Café, Bellissimo, The Jam Pantry, SacchromycesThe Loaded Shot, Elixir, Hawthorne Garage, Samson and Sophie, Fonzie Abbott, Park Bench Espresso and all Merlo cafes who sell various brands of keep cups.

Additionally, our friends at The Café at QPAC, Spring Hill Deli, Coco Bliss Superfood Bar Bulimba, Lucky Duck Café and Bar and Tall Short Espresso offer 50c discounts for your environmental considerations, technically making your upgrade free.

So get recycling people! While coffee does you the world of good, let us do the world some good.