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Where to get your Golden Gaytime fix

It’s no secret that the Golden Gaytime is the golden child of countless frozen sections around the nation. We couldn’t tell you whether it’s the familiar crunch of the delicious honeycomb biscuit pieces or the way the smooth, vanilla-toffee centre makes you feel all cool and groovy on the inside, but there’s something about this creamy classic that makes all other inferior, peasant-like paddle pops bow down in its wake. Australia’s favourite frosty treat has come a long way since 1959 – who could have imagined 2 litre tubs of the stuff back then? But just when you thought you couldn’t love this icy icon any more if you tried, some sweet people around Brisbane have crafted Golden Gaytime inspired desserts that your ice cream dreams are made of. That’s right, our national treasure just got more delicious. Golden Gaytime Ode Cake | Dello Mano | Newstead Doesn’t this frozen legend deserve to have its cake and eat it too? The geniuses behind Brisbane’s favourite brownies have baked up an ode to the Golden Gaytime. A moist, dense, caramelized mudcake piled high with vanilla custard frosting and a final drizzle of liquid gold (caramel)…would it be unpatriotic to say it’s almost better than the real deal? Golden Gaytime Extreme Milkshake | Ciao Bella | Eat Street Markets If you like it then you should put some whipped cream on it, and Ciao Bella has gone above and beyond in showing their appreciation of this delicious, creamy classic. Starting with a thick, mind-numbing Gaytime shake, this creation is then swirled with toffee-caramel and chocolate and topped with whipped cream, a biscuit crumb and a drizzle of chocolate. Ciao waistline, we’ll see you on the flipside. Gaytime Milky Bun | Chocolate Komberry Co. | Eat Street Markets Gaytime ice cream sandwich – need we say more? This treat combines everything we ever loved about the Gaytime into one pile of deliciousness with fluffy pastry, creamy ice cream and crunchy biscuit pieces. It’s so good you won’t want to share a bite! Gaytime Cruffin | The Doughnut Bar | CBD Layers and layers of buttery pastry, deep fried to perfection and filled with buttercream – it may be a heart attack waiting to happen but oh boy is it worth it. Best paired with one of The Doughnut Bar’s Gaytime shakes, you know, just because. Gaytime Chocolate Bar | Chocolab | Online What happens when you combine something amazing with something even better than amazing? Magic, that’s what. Magic in the form of a Golden Gaytime chocolate bar delivered to your door. This creation is layered with a sweet, creamy toffee flavoured premium Belgium chocolate, a layer of white Belgium chocolate, topped with milk Belgium chocolate and then mixed and then sprinkled with sweet and crunchy biscuit pieces. You’ll be ordering another before you’re even done. As the legendary saying goes, ‘you can’t have a Gaytime on your own!’ So gather your patriotic pals and friends of flavour and head on down to one of these fabulous finds for the Golden Gaytime fix your taste buds have been dreaming of! Words by Caroline Tully