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Where to get your coffee before 6:30am

For some people, the alarm goes off and they hit the grounds running. Maybe it’s magic, maybe they’re superhuman…we don’t know. All we know is that the day can’t begin (and don’t even try to communicate with us) before that delicious first sip of our morning coffee. Now for the poor souls among us that rise before the sun comes up, be it for work, wailing little ones or, god forbid, a workout, sourcing that early morning brew has proven to be somewhat difficult…until now. Earlybirds, it’s time to ceremoniously throw your freeze-dried coffee granules into the wind, because we’ve compiled a list of the best spots to get your coffee before 6:30am! No more losing your tamper at drive-through speakers or getting depresso about instant coffee, instead you can rise and grind with the help of these mug-nificent Brisbane cafes. We think they’re the crema the crop!
Death Before Decaf | Fortitude Valley
Here comes trouble…and make it a double (shot)! These blue-ribbon baristas keep their doors open 24 hours a day, so the next time you’re tossing and turning in the middle of the night, why not just give up on sleep and head in for an espresso?
Gas Espresso | Sherwood
Would we like a cup of house-roasted coffee to ‘fuel’ our morning? We sher-wood! With the cutest décor and doggy-treats for your furry friends, there’s nowhere we’d rather be at 5am (oh, except bed).
That Little Place | Mt Gravatt
Little in size but big in spirit, this café is everything that you’ve bean dreaming of and more. From 5:30am you can swing past and scoop up a freshly baked cabinet treat to accompany your cuppa, but with a layout this cute you’ll be frothing to stay for brekky too.
Stomp Espresso | Holland Park
Raw treats and healthful eats available to go with your coffee? This place stomps all over any drive-thru breakfast! Head on in from 5:30am on for all your caffeinating and nourishing needs.
Project 41 | Bowen Hills
This new kid on the block is exactly what inner city earlybirds have bean waiting for. With coffee available from 6am and scrumptious salads that can be scooped up for lunch, their opening is grounds for celebration!
Plum Tucker | Red Hill
Running latte and looking a little worse for wear? Thankfully, the wonderful baristas at Plum Tucker not only pour some of the tastiest coffee at 6am but their art-ful takeaway cups will totally distract your coworkers away from your nest of hair and un-ironed shirt.
Merlo | Paddington, Coorparoo, Fortitude Valley & Bowen Hills
(Cold) pressed for time? Never fear, if you’re around Paddington, Coorparoo, Fortitude Valley or Bowen Hills, there’s more than likely a Merlo roasting house near you. From 6am you can swing by and get your buzz with the help of the worker-bees roasting and grinding away.
Deedot Coffee House | West End
If their delicious breakfasts are anything to go by, swinging by Deedot at 6am for a perfect cup of coffee is a good idea. If that’s not enough to lure you in, they’re also dog-friendly so you can totally pat some pooches while you down your brew.
Foxy Bean | Woolloongabba
Not feeling especially foxy at 6am in the morning? Let these guys help you out with their super smooth coffee available bright and early. With groovy décor and delightfully friendly wait staff, they’re definitely a cup above the rest.
Blackbird Espresso | Camp Hill
They say the early bird gets the worm, and Blackbird Espresso have definitely swooped in to deliver some of the best coffee available at 6am. You can also text your coffee (and fresh-baked sweet treat) order through so you can skip the queue!
Tall Short Espresso | Paddington
Early riser, later riser, tall or short, it doesn’t matter to these fabulous baristas, all they care about is making you happy! From 6am you can zip on through to pick up a cup of smooth, delicious coffee with a friendly little gingerbread man on the side. You can also text through your order… how’s that for a quick extraction?
Chocolate Orange | Paddington
Orange you glad you can nab an absolutely scrumptious coffee in the pretty streets of Paddington at 5:30am? With lovely service from the mother-daughter duo, this happy little café will stay in your memories until the bitter end.
Evolve Organics Cafe | Newstead
Feel like a cold-drip at the crack of dawn? Raise your 6am spirits with a tasty brew from this wondrously healthful café! How could you not be impressed with anything caffeinated in your hand at 6am, let alone a Toby’s Estate brew?
Loaded Food Co. | Ashgrove
Sure, the early morning caffeine is great, but we’re generally feeling well and truly awake after a bubbly welcome from Loaded Food Co.’s owner Katie. With Q Roasters Coffee available from 6am (and plenty of gourmet goodies to match), we step in for the coffee and stay for the service. Now you’ve got no excuse to press snooze for the 4th time, head straight on in to one of these brew-tiful Brisbane cafes for your morning coffee. We definitely recommend you give them a shot! Words by Caroline Tully Image credit: Rikki Snyder