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Where to get your burg on this International Burger Day

Buns at the ready!

May 28 marks the day when all the foodies in the world are collectively gorging on burgs in celebration of International Burger Day, and in Brisbane, there are two restaurants in particular who are set to knick-knack-patty-whack on buns some particularly unique versions in honour of this holiday.

Don’t waste an occasion as special as International Burger Day on an average greasy Quarter Pounder, foodies – especially when you can go the whole hog at your local Pig ‘N’ Whistle instead! On International Burger Day, this little piggy doubles as a killer burger joint serving up an exclusive burg’ that can’t be beat! The tonkatsu-style pork burger is delish, free range, and burgeoning with perfectly pickled capsicum, crispy cabbage, seven spices and a secret curry-spiced sauce.

Don’t just stop there, though! There’s no better excuse than May 28 to double up on your burgers, which is why a ketchup with The Charming Squire’s unique Jimmy’s Mexican pork burger is also on the list.

Alongside stacks on stacks of wood-fired free-range pork and tequila patties, this booze-filled burger also oozes melted manchego cheese, spicy jalapeño peppers, coal-roasted jalapeño, guacamole and irresistible hot sauce on milk buns. Si, we’ll just have ten, thanks!

No worries if you get all wrapped up and aren’t bready to feast this May 28 – both these restaurants will be serving up these unique beauties in the lead-up to the main event from Friday, May 24 to Tuesday, May 28!

Open sesame, Brisbane – the world’s your burger (and it’s loaded with Australian pork and nestled between a Brasserie Bread bun) at Pig ‘N’ Whistle and The Charming Squire this International Burger Day.

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Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand who don’t want none unless it’s got buns, hun.