Where To Get Your Banana Fix Brisbane | Gourmand & Gourmet

Where to get your banana fix in and around Brisbane

Gwen Stefani taught you how to spell it, and we’re going to teach you how to eat the sh*t out of it.

Welcome to the G&G’s school of bananas. We like ‘em straight up, caramelised, in our cocktails and thinking what we’re thinking, and if you’re here, you too must find them appealing.

If you’re thirstier for a big banana than Havana Brown herself, hit up the below picks in and around Brisbane for the ultimate banana fix.

Banoffee waffles | Corner Store Café | Toowong

Get out of your pyjamas and in to some bananas at Corner Store Café. The banoffee waffles are naturally constructed with banana, toffee sauce, almond praline ice cream, shaved chocolate and fairy floss.

Ironman cocktail | Rosella’s | Burleigh Heads

Are you up to the challenge? Tackle a true blue cocktail at Rosella’s complete with Beenleigh white rum and Bundaberg small-batch rum with lime, banana and Nutri-Grain orgeat.

French toast burger | Goji Granola Bar & Café | Clear Island Waters

For once, we have no words… This bad boy of a brioche bun is dipped in egg, then packed with caramelised banana, Nutella, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream.

Textures of banana | Goldfinch | CBD

Taste every possible texture of banana in Goldfinch’s glorious dessert. This sweet little treat comes complete with banana parfait, banana curd, candied banana, and to balance it all out, spiced granola, blueberries and a watermelon nest. Fancy banan.

Banana spring rolls | Tibetan Momo Café at Bite Markets | Morayfield

C’mon Tibetan Momo Café. We are LIVING for every banana lover’s take on a renowned savoury starter – banana spring rolls. The crispy, flaky pastry opens up to a deliciously soft centre filled with your favourite fruit.

Deep-fried banana ice cream | Golden Pig | Newstead

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Golden Pig takes your favourite ice cream flavour, deep fries it, and smothers it with salty caramel sauce.

Nutella banana gyoza | Harajuku Gyoza | Various locations

Need we say more? Harajuku Gyoza have whipped up the ultimate dessert gyoza stuffed with banana and Nutella, and we’re going to go order 12 right now.

Peanut butter and banana on toast | Coffee Supreme | Woolloongabba

Crunchy, or smooth? We hope you kids like it crunchy, because Coffee Supreme’s iconic duo on toast is other worldly. Starting with Fix and Fogg’s peanut butter covered in sliced banana on thick, white toast, your morning will end on a high note.

Class dismissed.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who is not sorry for getting various songs stuck in your head